2009 Saturn Aura Transmission Failure

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I have literally been on this site reading the various but similar postings about the GM vehicles. I too have had the same exact problem with my Saturn. I was driving along and without warning, I heard a rubbing/popping sound and then the car slowed as if it lost power. Luckily, I was close to home. When I attempted to crank the car the next morning, there was nothing. I had the vehicle towed to an authorized Saturn dealership who told me that I would need to pay $1000 in order for them to LOOK at it and it was a possibility the price would go up once they REALLY found out what was wrong with it. I looked to see if my car was included in the recall and of course it wasn't. BUT the same exact thing that happened to the recall cars, happened to mine. I do not think GM broaden their assessment of the recalls wide enough because this transmission issue is affecting a lot more models and years. I'm so disappointed. This is the first time I chose to purchase an american car and this is what happened. My car does not even have 100,000 miles on it yet, only 71,000 and a major mechanic fail. I did notice that GM customer service reps responded to a lot of postings. Can anyone tell me if they really assisted you or just dismissed you?

Any help please, about to cry.


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    I have the same issue with a 2009 Saturn Aura, 123,000 miles and no reverse, cannot drive forward faster than 15mph.GM dealer is not helpful at all and will not return my wife's calls anymore. This is our 2nd Saturn we loved the cars for the longevity they were supposed to have and this is very disappointing for a car the dealership advertised could exceed 300,000 miles by all the photos they shared on the walls. Now I have a car sitting in the driveway we cannot use, cannot afford to repair and have no idea of any options we might possibly have. GM knows of these faulty transmissions and seem to have chosen not to stand behind any of them, so I guess it is time for me to research my options and proceed to satisfy my unhappiness. Please help, or advise any options there might be. Thanks..... Paul
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    Same issue on 2009 saturn aura. Started car up and no reverse. 84,000 1owner miles. GM says to bad. No help. Don't expect free repairs, but why should they profit on their bad transmission? Will I buy another GM???
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