Purchased 2007 Acura MDX.

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I wish I would've know about this before I purchased it. I bought a 2007 acura mdx with technology package a few days ago. For 16500. I'm stressing out about it now. It has 130000 miles on it and now I'm thinking I could've gotten it for way cheaper because of that. Was it worth it for me to pay that much? Will this car last me a while or is this probably the dumbest thing I could've done?? Please be gentle y'all :P


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    Well, for my zip code, a clean one at retail appraises for $15,195. Now, what we think a car is worth varies from what a dealer thinks it's worth. But yeah, you probably could have done a bit better but you didn't do all that bad.

    Lots of miles but I recently bought an '08 minivan with 125,000k on it so you're not alone. And yeah, I probably paid too much for mine too. B) I've already put 8,000 miles on the van in ~3 months and no hiccups, other than a couple of flats (story of my life). There's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy similar reliability.

    Some buyer's remorse is normal. You got a nice rig - relax and enjoy it for a few years, and then come back here when you're ready for something different.

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