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imageVolkswagen Jetta, Passat on Fast Track for Redesigns |

Volkswagen will redesign and update the core vehicles it sells in the U.S. more frequently, starting with the upcoming Volkswagen Jetta and Passat, the automaker told Edmunds.

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  • autosocautosoc Member Posts: 7

    VW also has a reputation for high maintenance costs, and lacking reliability. Until they can lower maintenance costs and increase reliability, they will have a difficult time thriving in the U.S. market when Hondas, Mazdas, Toyotas, and Hyundais are less expensive to buy and maintain.

  • se_riouslyse_riously Member Posts: 94

    I agree with autosoc. If they're not very reliable when updating every 7 years, it's even more difficult when you're updating every 5 years.

  • themandarinthemandarin Member Posts: 436

    Any design would be an improvement

  • mitt_zombie1mitt_zombie1 Member Posts: 32

    If you buy are considering buying a VW then you should calculate a few thousand more in the purchase price for maintenance and repair costs verses most other non-german makes. Things like brake jobs are outrageous and they are in the shop often. It is like the upkeep for a Mercedes without any of the prestige or snob appeal.

    My brother's Audi is on its third transmission and has less miles than my dad's Camry V6 that has not had a single repair of any kind.

    I swore off VWs years ago when I had one, but everyone I know that has a new one (4 people in my office that I know of) all say they got sold a lemon or a money pit.

  • tatermctatumstatermctatums Member Posts: 107

    I drive a 2010 VW Jetta TDI manual transmission which currently has 120k miles. Since I've owned it (got it with 91k miles) I've had to replace one exhaust pressure sensor ($80), one set of tires, and 3 oil changes($65/each, 10k mile service interval). That is it. Other than that the car has been bulletproof. My vehicles don't get babied and it hasn't missed a beat.

  • exsaabguyexsaabguy Member Posts: 9
    I leased four Saabs from 1997 to 2009 and I always read how miserable their were. I had two issues- a broken sun visor and a headlamp relay- with four cars in twelve years. I've had two Jettas since then. Zero issues with both cars, and the current lease is up in a couple of months.

    I can't say I baby the cars, so I really wonder what's with all the problems...or is it just people without problems don't post.
  • atenzaatenza Member Posts: 4
    After redesign here are some equipment for Jetta, Golf, GTI, and Sportwagen SEL models that US buyers may not have...a larger than 5.8 inches navigation unit. LED tail light with amber color signal and rear fog light. Self dimming rear view mirror and side mirror. Multi link rear suspensions for it's TDIs, and last power folding side mirrors. Yes, some of VW competitors don't have them either. But we might see the next Hyundai or even KIA might start offering such equipment to their lower end cars like the Elantra and Forte. One thing I like to point out is even on my 2012 Tiguan SEL 4motion, its tail light is like those old GM or Ford vans or trucks using the brake light as signal light. My less is coming up this August and already not considering another VW. The new Hyundai Tucson and Mazda CX-5 are pretty impressive, and just these two cars makes VW a follower. Did I mention VW China has better equipped cars than VW USA!!!!!
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