$6,800 Elio Motors Vehicle Takes Step Closer to Reality

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image$6,800 Elio Motors Vehicle Takes Step Closer to Reality

The $6,800 Elio Motors three-wheeled vehicle took a step closer to reality on Thursday with word that the start-up company has agreed to buy a former General Motors assembly plant near Shreveport, Louisiana to build the vehicle.

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  • reason2reason2 Member Posts: 1

    what a joke!

  • agoetz616agoetz616 Member Posts: 1
    In my opinion, this was the most interesting and cost effective vehicle shown at the 2015 New York Auto Show and I hope Mr. Elio can pull this off. I haven't seen even a 60 horsepower motorcycle for that low of a price, let alone one with this fine of an engine design from a provider of formula engines. I sat in the front and back of one of these. Yes, it is basically an enclosed front wheel drive tricycle motorcycle that won't let you get wet or tip over, but it will be stable and safe and should go about 107 mph if you want. It would be a real adventure to drive to California from the east coast in one of these. It is similar to a Morgan from England, five speed stick and front wheel drive, but is not a convertible. Getting in the back seat wouldn't be comfortable for large or tall people, but that is not my problem, It would be great on short trips to pick up things for a single occupant, with the trunk and back seat used for carrying things. The representatives are doing everything they can to help get this into widespread use. It has smart crumple zones in combination with with three air bags that would protect you and it gives you a feeling of safety and protection when you are inside it. I would love to own one of these!
  • debmc111debmc111 Member Posts: 1
    The P5 Elio will be revealed very soon, possibly at the CCE (Connected Car Expo), where they have been named #3 in the top ten automotive startups for 2015, at the LA Auto Show in mid-November. It will be very close to production model with the all new IAV engine, and the Aisen transmission. I think that if that can get past building the 25 E-series vehicles next, which wil be for testing and crashing, they will have enough to show to convince the DOE to approve their application for a $186M ATVM loan. If they announce the reveal of the P5 in LA, I wil be there. Maybe Edmunds could check them out again. They now have over 45,500 reservations. 
  • scotty1949scotty1949 Member Posts: 2
    Elio just notified me (1/12/17) after I contacted them about production promises that were to begin this month, that once again ELIO has changed the target date. This is the THIRD TIME they have changed the target date since I've been a $1000 all inner. Last year (the second time for me) they were suppose to start productions in the third quarter of 2016. It was later changed to the beginning of 2017. Now it's been changed to 2018 with no notices or apologies to those who have waited for years now. I'm a little over 5,000 in line to get one. I was 64 when I put my idiotic NON-DEPOSIT payment down. I'm now 67. I'll probably be dead and gone before production begins. What a waste of my hard earned money! I'm going to start searching for another gas saver made overseas as bad as I hate to. As far as my deposit...guess I'm like all the other idiots who trusted them.
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    From what I've read they're basically broke, waiting for somebody to invest the multi-hundred-million dollars needed to get this thing made.
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