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Drivers side mirror whistle. Ford Escape.

tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
edited September 2014 in Ford

Don't know if this has been discussed here but I found pages of this issue elsewhere even with references to Ford TSB's and to Focus models. The fix has been to have the windshield resealed or replace the mirror and on and on.

I looked at the fender to door seam on drivers and passengers side. I found some black shiny foam hanging down less than a half inch worth and tucked it back up inside. But what I believe fixed the whistle was trimming a little bit of the tapered shiny black plastic molding that extended down passed the top of the fender. This would act like a reed in a musical instrument when enough air pushed by it. If this isn't clear the do like I did. Examine both seams with the doors closed.


  • better_half said I should explain the molding is not the hard plastic but the soft rubber insulating weatherstripping attached to the door.

  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited September 2014

    Confirmation by better_half-she can't hear the whistle from the drivers side from her passenger seat anymore. Told one ford parts guy Nick in dfw mid-cities when I bought a tow hook and he seemed very interested. By the way his DonD price there was the Ford price and not the stepped on price other dealers were asking. Hope I never need the tow hook and it joins all the other stuff I bought and never needed.

    I've read a lot of problems about the escape. Teething problems. Our 2002 focus made the news every week but you know what-it was and is a nice vehicle with soul and so is our base escape - no DI no turbo mpg increasing weekly.

    Grew up with Buicks and loved them. It would be nice if GM could bring that "feel" back. Test drove an equinox years ago multiple times. Save Holden and build drivers cars-Please Mrs B
  • Thanks for posting this. I have been driving a 2013 for almost 2 years and I have heard the whistle from the drivers mirror. Makes it very annoying to drive with the window down. I tried some tape and a few things on various seams around the mirror, with no good results. Never bothered to mention it to the dealership. I have almost no complaints about my SEL 2.0 FWD. It's been a great vehicle.
  • automelon48, I hope it solved your whistle. 

    Over 4k miles now and couldn't wait any longer than 3.8k miles to do the first oil change to penn plat and motorcraft filter. 

    That whistle has been my only issue. The test drive brought back memories of our 2002 Focus wagon. While only the base with 2.5 duratec, it performs.  I'm sure loaded up, the wish for the 2.0 turbo would rear its head.  I've have experienced torque steer and front wheel spinning and at times thought about awd but wanted to avoid DI and turbos. 

    We had a KJ CRD and recently an '09 rubicon and of course the H3 adventure package. The Escape just like that focus wagon has soul, fun to drive, handles, and has pep. 

    I hope in the future we both have fond memories of the Escape. 

  • Dave, I finally isolated my whistle. It actually seems to be from a different source than yours, but it was your posting that renewed my interest in finding my "drivers mirror whistle".
    Several times in the last year I had applied tape on or around the mirror to find the source of the whistle with no definitive results. This time I nailed it with one 6 inch piece of electrical tape. On my drivers mirror, I have the built-in turn signal on the forward facing part of the mirror. The seam between the top edge of that turn signal light and the mirror housing was causing the whistle. I simply put one 6 in piece of electrical tape along that seam and the whistle vanished. I am not sure what the permanent fix would be. Perhaps a small bead of clear silicone caulking in the seam or let the dealer handle it. I will report back later....
    Thanks for renewing my interest in finding this annoying whistle.
    (by the way, I cannot notice the whistle at all when the window is UP but when driving over 50kph (30mph) with the window down, it is very annoying.
  • Automelon48, glad the whistle is gone. I've kicked myself in the past for not persisting in solving a vehicle annoyance. Ashamed to admit but it went on for years. 

    Approaching 6k miles and still enjoying the base model. Better_half is now enjoying it also after getting over her pangs of me pushing to trade in her H3 that I was then driving. No issues. Always had issues with new vehicles. Her '13 GX460 has been the only other vehicle with no issues except one door edge guard that started to discolor and replaced by lexus. But she just recently turned 3k miles. 

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