Help, 2010 Toyota RAV4 won't start after changing battery

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Friday I went to pick my daughter up from the school. Turned 2010 Rav4 off while waiting on her and then attempted to turn back on. I have a smart key, so it is just a matter of pushing the button, but nothing. Band teacher attempted jump starting it with no results. Next day my husband purchased a new battery from AutoZone and we installed it. Have lights, etc. now but it still won't start. tried putting the key up to the on off switch to get it to start, still nothing. It doesn't even sound like the car is even attempting to turn over. There are multiple lights on in the dash, the check engine light, oil pressure light, electric power steering light, and the automatic transmission fluid temp light. I just had my car into the dealer to have the oil changed, tires, rotated, and the 25 pt. inspection done on it. Upon raising my hood the other night, I noticed that the reservoir for the radiator was empty. It should have been full, as I just had it into the dealership, so where did it go. Any ideas, and should I add coolant to it. I am nowhere close to a Toyota dealership and it is Sunday now with no service departments open, so is there another brand I can buy from wal-mart or a gas station without causing any issues with warranty, etc. , or should I just have them deal with it, we bought the extended warranty with it when we purchased the vehicle. Is there something that needs to be done after changing the battery? Any ideas, I so want my wheels back on the road instead of stuck at the school. My only recourse is to pay a costly towing bill to have it towed 100+ miles to the dealership unless someone can help. Look forward to hearing any replies.


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    This is a little late, but I'm willing to bet that Band Teacher reversed the positive and negative jumper cables which will blow several fuses. After replacing that battery and the fuses, it should be OK. Unless the ECM was fried.
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