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  • Hi, My 2002 Envoy SLE with 54k miles suddenly started locking up during a slow speed turn, like pulling into a parking space. Fluid levels (power steering and brakes) seem fine. I thought at first I had got a sudden flat tire since the car didn't want to move, but everythig was ok. There are no dash lights coming on and we haven't had any brake problems since we've owned it - about 15k miles. I can power through the lock and it seems fine when driving straight. Any ideas?
  • I have that problem with my envoy also, i still have not gotten it fixed.
    The dealer said i can bring it in and it will be free of charge under the extended warrantee.
  • lisa1212lisa1212 Posts: 1
    I have an older's probably the 1st year Envoy, 1998. I know, I's not the Denali, I am told that really it's just a "Jimmy" with a lot more glitz!! Anyway, I've been having trouble with the switch for 2wd switching over on it's own recently. So much so, that when I start it, I check to see what the indicator says (2wd), but when I put it into reverse, I can hear a click, and see that it has switched over to 4wd, it did this 4 times this morning, before I could back out of the driveway!! It does this as your going down the road as well. Anyone here know what one can do to make the switch just turn off and stay on 2wd, as I hardly ever used it anyway? Is there something (like a plug) that can be pulled?

    Thanks for any help offered!!
  • ehannemanehanneman Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 GMC Envoy that has a intermittent starting problem. When it doesn't start you turn the key all the dashboard lights lite up and the gauges start to twitch, the brake feels tight and it gets stuck in park.( It also has stalled at 30mph) There is no sound whatsoever coming from the starter or engine. After many tries the car has eventually started. A mechanic found the ground wire loose and tighten it and replaced the battery which worked for a few weeks but the problem is back. I bought the car new with this problem starting the second year of ownership. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • rivirivi Posts: 1
    make sure your 4WD is not set to on. Must be in 2WD mode otherwise you won't be able to make a turn. Hard to turn a vehicle with all four tires rotating at the same speed. Hope this helps.

  • We purchased a new 2003 Envoy in the Spring of 2003. Before buying it we test drove the Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Nissan Murano, Kia Sorento, Saturn Vue, Toyota Highlander and Pontiac Vibe. Nothing we drove came even remotely close to the Envoy in terms of ride, smoothness and quite, power and a solid, luxurious feel. The 275 horsepower in-line 6 accelerates better than the V-8 Explorer and Durango we drove, and literally blows the doors off the Highlander (which was a major disappointment in all areas).
    We've driven our Envoy nearly 50,000 miles now without even a hint of a problem. It still feels as new as the day we brought it home. I'm surprised at the negative comments I read here, as two of our relatives also have Envoys and they have never had a seconds trouble with theirs either. One is a 2002 with 100,000 miles on it at this point. I know a lot of cars get unfairly blamed for crappy service departments. I suspect that is the case with a lot of the complaints. Our previous SUV was a Ford Explorer, and although it was a very good and dependable vehicle, comparing it to the Envoy would be like comparing a Hyundai to a Lincoln. If it weren't such a gas hog (19mpg) we'd buy another Envoy in a heartbeat. As it, we'll most likely opt for something that gets better mileage.
  • tina7tina7 Posts: 1
    yes the lemon law is strong and works. when i called n.j. lemon law, i was directed to kimmble & ?????? i did not have to pay them any money " they get paid through the car maker. it was very easy process for me. my brand new van had the same problem " or related problem "3 times, and that is all it take's for them to fight for you. good luck
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national news magazine is looking to interview consumers who have recently (within the past three months) purchased a large SUV and would like to talk about your decision to purchase that car. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, November 8, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information.

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  • hey guys and gals. i just leased a 2007 envoy last week. sle/3sb package-running boards, 6 disc, roof, xm...i work at a dealership, so i got it at $300 a month. 39/39 lease, graphite metallic with 18 inch wheels. me and the wife absolutely love it. mother in law has a 2006 trailblazer. borrowed it for a week and based decision on that. hope to be talking to you on a regular basis.
  • check the 4 wheel drove and make sure its in 2wheel. If its in 4wheel high of low it will lock up if there is no snow.
  • I also have a 2003 Envoy with over 60,000 miles and it has preformed flawlessly so far. Also would like better gas mileage so might get something else next time. By the way we also have a new 07 Hyundai Azera and love it.
  • I own a 2005 Envoy SLT 4WD and for the last six months, I have been experiencing a problem with the electrical system. I allow the vehicle to sit at least two minutes before driving it and after I have driven it 10 minutes or more, the headlights and interior light start to flicker. It will stop flickering for a minute or two and then will begin flickering again constantly. The dealership has replaced the starter, a/c compressor, two batteries, and an alternator and they still can't find out what is causing this problem. Of course it happens intermittenly. When I have experienced this problem, I called the service department to describe what it's doing (no change in volts or rpms), but I can't get the problem to stop. The dealership thought it had something to do with the automatic headlights, but it would still flicker constantly whether the lights were turned on manually or not. Needless to say, I'm very frustrated with the problem and would appreciate any help. The dealership told me that they received a letter from GM stating that other customers had this complain, but they didn't state what the problem was or how to fix it. Other than the constant wind noise, the vehicle is pretty decent.
  • We have a 2004 Envoy with electrical issues also. We didn't notice them till summer 2006. Blinking & dimming lights and battery dead once. Battery & alternator replaced but last week, dead again and lights are blinking also, and voltage drop on gauge. Dealer can't find any thing wrong and says the lights blinking on start up is a normal condition? A normal condition? We are very upset with GM for admitting the problem but calling it a normal condition. Vehicle has also locked the doors itself with the engine running (supposed to be impossible)? We really liked the vehicle up till this point.
  • I bought an after market switch by standard for $30 but it would leave the dashboard lights on after the key was removed. It did take care of all my other problems until I left the light on one night and my battery went dead. Now I have to go to the dealership that could not fix the problem and buy a gm ignition switch from them.
  • I bought a 2003 gmc envoy xl that had about 44,000 miles, since day 1. I have had problems with the truck. When I bought it from D'arcy motors in joliet, they were trying to pull my chain. I bought the truck knowing that they were going to have to put a new transmission in the truck,because it slipped going from 2nd to 3rd gear, and the dealer said that the truck has to adjust to my driving technique. BS. So i had the truck for 2 weeks and i was going to go out of town when the truck started to slip really bad so I took it in to get the transmission replaced.( brand new) Also I have been having problems with my gas gauge giving me faulty readings, so it has been in the dealer for that about 5 times now and they replace the instrument cluster , fuel pump, fuel pressure sending unit and a few sensors, and it is still not working right, so another fun trip to the dealer. It seems like the truck is at the dealer more than it is on the road. I am currently experiencing a thumping noise in the front end and the dealer is saying it is the stabilizer links which of course are not under the extended warranty. ($350) Replacement of the radio because of a short in the unit. Replaced transmission shift indicator sensor , didn't tell me what gear i was in and cruise control did not work.
  • wildernmwildernm Posts: 8
    When I first added my information on this site, I didn't have any loss of power to the vehicle. I've taken my Envoy to the dealership 6 times in the last three months. Now I have a message on the DIC stating that my "Battery Not Charging". The first time this message appeared, I didn't lose power. The second time, I lost power. The dealership said that the ECM (Engine Control Module) is bad and needs to be replaced. Have you been able to have your electrical issues resolved? Has anyone else experienced this problem.
  • I own a 06 Envoy and have had extreme electrical problems with it. It started with the truck stalling at low speeds. Now it has been stuck in my garage for over a week, not starting. Found the starter was fried and replaced it. Still not starting. Discovered the fuse box under the hood was receiving 12 volts but not putting out 12 volts to the neutral safety switch and on to the starter. Now have to buy the fuse box. Called GM and was told because I was 100 miles over the 36000 mile warranty, it was my problem. I also owned a 06 trailblazer that was totally recalled by GM last winter due to the leather seats not being compatable with the passanger air bag sensor. Also own a Pontiac Grand Prix that has had electrical problems since buying. These problems run from the keyless entry not working, key not coming out of ignition, and unable to shift out of park. Have had it! Will never buy GM again. :sick: :mad: :lemon:
  • I own a 2006 with the same problems, except now it won't start at all no matter how many times it is attempted. Our machanic says the fuse box under the hood is bad. Has 12V going in but isn't putting out 12V to the neutral safety switch which tells the starter that everything is good to go and go ahead and start the engine. the part is coming in tomorrow. Will let you know if this truly fixes the problem.
  • dac312dac312 Posts: 1
    I having the same problems, what did you find to be the problem?
  • I own a 04 SUV XLT Envoy. Have had to replace the ignition/starter switch twice in the last 15000 miles. The truck would start - but as soon as you put it in gear it would stall.

    Also had to replace both rear tailgate switches thatwent out at the same time.

    I also feel there is something not quite right with the trans - seems to slip at times. 50,000 miles on it now.
  • After fighting with my dealership, they gave me an extended GM Protection Plan up to 84,000 or 8 years. In the meantime, they replaced the Engine Control Module and I haven't had any problems with the lights flickering or loss of voltage/power to the vehicle. But I had to get the General Manager of the dealership involved before they finally took care of the problem.
  • I also have an 05 XL SLT with the same flickering lghts. All I have talked the dealership into changing is the alternator which did help for a while (6 months). Mine seems to be more noticeable in colder weather. I just went back this week and they said they will try to replace the BCM (body control module) They told me that Envoy's have a PCM (power control module i think), and a BCM, but not an ECM. My question for wildernm is what did your dealership change on your Envoy, and if you don't mind doing so, could you post your dealers name (or email me) so that I can direct my dealer to them? Thanks.
  • I would recommend you contact James Koster (Quality) at 505-348-1152. Because my vehicle was in the shop so many times, we nicknamed it "Jinx". As soon as you tell him that, he'll know exactly what you're talking about. I've also noticed that I experienced more problems with the electrical system when the temperatures were significantly colder. In the meantime, here's what they've replaced on my vehicle....air pump motor, air pump assembly, secondary air injection check value solenoid, batteries, air pump hose assembly, sensor for air system, alternators, Engine Control Module (ECM), BCM, PCM, etc. There was a reprogramming for the emissions system and after that was installed, I didn't have problems with the head lights flickering; however, my check engine light kept coming on. My dealership had a very hard time getting GM to respond to them and GM is refusing to allow the dealership to remove the software upgrade since it seems to have fixed the flickering headlights even though the check engine comes on now. The engine light is connected with the emissions system and the light is more of an annoyance than a real problem with driving the vehicle (so the dealership tells me). The reason the light kept coming on was become of the accumulation of fumes in the catalytic convertor and after the emissions system kicks in three times and the fumes can't be cleared, the check engine light comes on. The dealership is able to clear the fault code in a couple of minutes, but after I've started the vehicle three - four times, the check engine light would come on. Because of the problems and numerous times I've had the vehicle in the shop, GM gave me at no cost the GM Protection Plan for 4 years or 84,000. I have been so frustrated with the problems with the vehicle (in the shop 14 times in 12 months for the same problems and the engine light coming on all the time), I found an attorney to negotiate a cash settlement with GM and I've recently traded in a vehicle for a non-GM product. If you do try to file a claim yourself with GM, be prepared to be "brushed off" and ignored. The only way they responded to me was after I hired an attorney. Also, GM will probably offer the extended warranty to you so you'll be happy. This way, they won't have to pay out very much for the cash settlement since they gave you the extended warranty. You may wish to check into your state's lemon law. The one for NM is good only for the first 12 months from the purchase of the vehicle and I started experiencing problems at 16 months, so I was out of luck on using the lemon law. Good luck to you and let me know if you need additional information or have any other questions.
  • Thank you very much for all the information. I will follow up on the dealer info. I hope it doesn't come to an attorney for me, but GM created this problem and they need to fix it, not just tell us this problem is "normal". They gave me the wait 20 sec speech and that has helped, but that alone will keep me away from GM the next time around. Thanks again.
  • tfrocktfrock Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2005 Envoy in May of 2007. When I bought the Envoy it made a slight whining noise when it was initially started. The dealership said it was because a new belt was put on it. However, when the 36,000 mile warranty ran out the noise got really loud and obnoxious. Because the my Envoy wasn't under warranty any longer I took it to an individual who told me it was the alternator pully- and replaced the alternator. My Envoy ran great for about 4 months. However, the noise is back along with the power gauge fluctuating and it's only December. Auto Zone warrantied the Alternator for a lifetime but I have to have the same repair made again after I take the alternator back and get a new one. Next week my car is due for an oil change and maintenance and there is a loud knocking noise in the engine and the car is running like it's missing. I told the dealership since the engine is still under warranty please give me a heads up if there are major problems with it since it's at 47,000 and the warranty expires 60,000. My car runs like a piece of crap- and I paid a fortune for it. Do you think that I may need the engine control module changed? The dealership just acts like im nuts. If I don't let them do the work- they wont give me any info.
  • I'm not sure about the noise since I never had that problem with mine. However, when they did the reprogramming for the software to correct the flickering headlight problem, it did seem that it fixed it; however, my engine light came on every two days. It would stay on until I went to the dealership for them to reset it. Once they reset it, it came back on in two days. I finally got tired of paying my car note to drive rental vehicles while the dealership tried to figure out and fix the problems for three continuous months. My dealership was great, but GM was terrible and this wasn't worth their time to try and help my dealership and I to correct the problems. GM lost a loyal customer and it will be a very long time before I'll buy another GM vehicle. The only thing I can suggest to you is to check out your State's Lemon Law. I know you put quite a bit of money on this vehicle and you wanted to pay it off and have it last for a while. It doesn't sound like that's going to happen the way you want it to. You may also want to check the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act if you don't have any recourse under the Lemon Law. I tried to work with GM directly about my problems and they failed to respond for two months. I ended up obtaining an attorney and filed a claim against GM for the time I spent on this. The cash settlement covered my negative equity so I could purchase a new non-GM vehicle. The attorney took his fees from the settlement amount so I didn't have to pay any money upfront. He was able to resolve this in 30 days when I couldn't even get GM to return any of my phone calls for over two months. If you're trying to keep your vehicle, it sounds like your stuck with your dealership and they don't seem very helpful. Maybe if there's another GM dealership close by that could help you diagnose and fix the problem, you'll have better results.
  • I worked for GM dealers for many years, No disrespect to Auto Zone but their alternators have 1yr or less life expectancy on these vehicles. Great, they give you free replacement for life but you still have the hassle and time/cost for labor. It should only be an option for short term or if you don't mind the risk/labor.
    The entire electrical system, including the PCM rely on correct Alternator current and your not going to find that for any length of time with A.M. I know the factory unit is more expensive but proper diagnosis needs a solid alternator.
    If the dealer finds your problems are related to A.M. components, they can/will charge you for diagnosis. I don't work for the auto industry any more - I'm just giving you some experienced advise. I also drove a 2002 Envoy until this month!
  • Worked fine until today. Drove it earlier - no problem. Go out to go to work and AW S...!!! Turn the key and I hear a faint whirling sound from the steering column area. All the lights come on, nothing seems different - except it won't turnover.....!!!!

    Any ideas. Calling local GMC dealer in the a.m.......


    Canton, Ohio :sick:
  • Hopefully your dealership was able to troubleshoot the problem for you. It may be your ignition switch (they replaced mine twice in two years).
  • I have had this car for a little over a year and got it brand new. The car ran perfectly the first year I had it. All of a sudden I started hearing a click in the cargo area every time I turned on the rear defroster.....after taking it to the dealership they were able to fix the problem (cant remember what they said was wrong) it took them about 4 days to get my car back to me. Then a week later my gas gauge told me I had no gas when the day earlier I had half a tank...thinking nothing of it I filled up the tank ....when I started the car to drive off the needle was still on empty then soon after my check engine light came on. I took it into the dealership again and they told me there was a re-call and they were able to fix it..(I wish they would have informed me about this recall sooner).....this time it was done in the same day. Today, only 2 months after the last time it was at the dealership getting fixed, I went to start my vehicle to take my kids to school and my key fob would not unlock the doors..thinking the battery in the fob was dead I tried my husbands fob...didnt work. I manually unlocked the door and realized my button to unlock the door in the car would not work either. I went to start my envoy was TOTALLY beeping clicking or nothing. Then when I went to take the key out of the ignition it would not turn fully backwards and I could not remove the key. (it was like when you try and turn off your car when it is not in park..the key will not turn off all the way) It was in park and the steering wheel was not locked so I have no clue what the problem is....I called 1-800-GMCTRUCK and they sent a tow truck right away and had it towed to the nearest GMC dealership. I have yet to hear from them about what is going on with my vehicle....this was a VERY stressful morning for me. Before I bought this car all I could find were good reviews, then today I found this site....I had no clue the problems I might have with this vehicle and I am starting to regret buying it. It has only 34000 miles on it and has already been to the shop 3 the last 3 months....very upsetting. The dealer tried to tell me it might be the battery when I was on the phone talking to them about it before I called for a tow truck......I just replaced my battery a month ago litterally....there is no way it can die that fast...and if there is a way then that will cause a big problem.
    Any suggestions...
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