Need help please - 2008 Subaru Legacy - Lost acceleration.

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I am really hoping someone can help me please. After reading thru boards and forums my problem could be so many things.

The car has lost its acceleration. Even with the pedal on the floor. The RPMs very slowly get up to 2 or 3. On the highway I cannot get past 3K RPM or approx 80 MPH. The RPMs burst up from around 3k and then back down and it keeps doing this if I try to get past 80 or get it to respond quickly if driving slower.

The CEL was on and cruise blinking for some time. I disconnected the battery and the CEL has not come back on. The codes were P0113 and P0420. I did what I could afford right now which was clean the air filter and the MAF sensor but no change. Thank you in advance for any help.


  • oppamenoppamen Member Posts: 6
    Was the car jerking or about to stall? I had similar issue with you but I never tried to go 80 MPH. It usually did this when the weather was damp. My spark plug cable was bad and got that replaced and had not had any problems since.
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