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  • ppnffppnff Posts: 65
    Nice car! I have the same vehicle in Redondo Red. I noticed that you had Catz Rising White 4300k HID's. I am looking to upgrade my headlights and noticed that Catz are highly recommended. Do you have any thoughts on that? It looks like the HID's produce quite a bit of visibility. Was it difficult to install? Are replacements bulbs easy to find and how frequent? Thank you!
  • try posting that the the "Honda Accord Owners: Problems and Solutions" board. There are some great ppl in there that I'm sure can help you.
  • amingaming Posts: 119
  • hmurphyhmurphy Posts: 278
    I was never much into spoilers and other external car accessories, but the more new Accords I see with spoilers, the more I like them.

    They just add a certain something...
  • amingaming Posts: 119
    I think it makes it look longer and meaner. Made my Dad buy an Accord also. When they are next to each other, mine looks like a "sports sedan" instead of a "family sedan".

    Dad got the EX-L (I4) and I got the EX V6 - both are silver color.
  • htthtt Posts: 75

    How your EX V6 comes with 5-spoke alloy wheels ? Mine is 7-spoke. Is it different in Canadian model ?
  • nw1997nw1997 Posts: 227

        How do you deal with the salt chipping at the paint, especially on the hood/fenders? Is this an issue in Canada?
  • amingaming Posts: 119
    Sorry for the delay in responding..

    I made my dad buy the I4 and switched wheels with him.

  • amingaming Posts: 119
    Sorry for the delay in responding..

    I fully believe in the "Car paint protection" packages that you can buy from detailing stores.

    I don't want to start a debate going whether this is a waste of money on not.

    I have found that if you are planning to keep your car for a LONG time (10- 15yrs) then you better take care of it. We have severe conditions here in Canada and you have to go that extra distance. Now if I had the time and energy to clean my car every 2-5 days ( like I used to ) and polish 2-3 times a year then I wouldn't need the detailing work done once a year.

    I've also got the 3M nose bra on my car to protect from rock chips. Works wonderfully.

  • hachac Posts: 6
  • That looks NIIIIIIIICE! Very sexy!
    I feel satisfied with my LX Sedan for what I paid, but your car looks worth the money! I hope you enjoy it, and once broken-in, red-line a couple of shifts for me.

  • hachac Posts: 6
    Thanks ! I certainly think it's worth it ... that purrr when the RPMs get above 5000 ... as you are pushed back into the seat .... sweeeetttt!
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504



    Modifications Ongoing but include:

    2003 Taffeta White & Ivory AV6 EX Sedan w/Navi
    3M Clear Protection Bra on all sides
    17" Honda Rims / Michellin Pilots / Locking Lugs
    Injen CAI
    Greddy E-Manage Fuel/VTEC Control
    04 TL Sway Bars, Front & Rear
    6spd Strut Tower Brade (Just added!)Catz Rising White 4300k HID's
    OEM Rear Wing
    Shaved Emblems but with Gold H's
    Door Visors, Moonroof Visor and Mud Gaurds
    Black Diamond Shaped Grille-Tech
    Viper Remote Starter / Alarm w/ Batt. Backup
    Eclipse Components & 6x9's w/Eclipse Amp & Kicker 10"Solo-Baric Sub w/Kicker Amp
  • Great pics. I wish I had the HID lights on my 6-speed EXV6 coupe. For now, I have the stupid silverstar bulbs installed. Are you required to have your front plate displayed? Unfortunately in Illinois, it's the law.
  • Dear TLAURO,
    I had a quick question about your sway bar upgrades? What were the parts you needed and tools needed to swap the bars out? Did you use a lift? Also would the v6 Accord 2003 Coupe Front Strut Bar work? I think you mentioned in another thread that the last generation bar might work? Would the 2004 TL front strut bar work?
    The car looks sharp!
    Sorry for all the questions.
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    I used a lift that I have access to, but it's not required. Just makes life much easier.

    The Sway bars off the 04TL fit. Here's a listing of what you need:

    Check out it's a dealer down south who has a site where the following can be had.

    The 04 TL 6 speed is referenced as the Type S.

    The strut bar I have is off the 6spd accord coupe. that's the one that fits. The 04 TL bar is different and won't work to my knowlege. It's no thicker anyway.

    1) Front Bar: 51300-SEP-A01
    2) Bushings: 51306-SDA-A01 27.2
    2) Bracket: 51308-SDA-A00

    1) Rear Bar: 52300-SEP-A11
    2) Bushings: 52306-SEP-A11
    2) Bracket: 52308-S3M-A00
    Any questions, just ask for mike cole 770-623-9211
  • TLauro, Thanks for the reply and part's list.

    Sincerely Spectatorsport.
    I'll post an update when I get it installed! I think I'm just going to go with the rear bar for now due to my limited budget.
  • frag235frag235 Posts: 81
    Yes, thanks for the parts list. Btw, where did you order the Accord coup strut bar from? I'm thinking of upgrading my EX 4-banger sedan - was it just the bars that improved the handling, or was it a combo of the bars and wheels/tires? How much better is the handling compared to stock?

  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    The STB for the Accord can be had through your dealer. Again, the Nuespeed one isn't worth the difference unless you like the sticker.

    The 17's and Pilots sure helped improve the handling right away. The difference from stock to that on a 1-10 Scale was a 7.

    The sway bars and STB....a totally different car now. It's like driving a Mazda 6 now. Corners much, much flatter. The back end follows in line upon quicker lane changes much more quickly and controlled version like a limp noodle.
  • frag235frag235 Posts: 81
    A few more questions if you don't mind then I'll stop pestering you!

    The bars, Bushings and Brakets are all the parts you need? (plus the install tools of course)

    The parts numbers you list above don't match the ones on the ordering page....I'm looking under 04 TL with 5A tranny, or are you talking about something else?

    Thanks again....I think I'll install the bars first and see how the handling improves with the stock Michelin MXV's.
  • frag235frag235 Posts: 81
    You have an EX 6-banger? I have an 04 EX-L 4-cylinder auto sedan.....will the bars still fit?
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    the part numbers on the site are those of the dealer. they can't use the Honda part numbers for some copyright reason that would then affect costs...who knows. Call the fellow I mentioned. He'll walk you through the drawings. Parts 3-6 I believe. Brackets and Bars.

    Yes, they will fit the 4cyl. car too.

  • figelwumpfigelwump Posts: 34
    anyone have pics of a 2003/4 blue or graphite accord? trying to decide between these colors...

  • ken972ken972 Posts: 162
    There are a couple on the honda site. I was down to these 2 colors as well. I went to a dealer on a sunday a couple of times and tried to pick one over the other. I went with was tough.
  • frag235frag235 Posts: 81
    I think I'll start with the rear bar like another poster here. The TL front bar isn't much bigger then the one I have now and the tower bar install looks a bit more difficult then my skill level (you have to remove the crowl/wipers to access four nuts).

    One more question though....did the 17 wheel/tire package harm the ride much?
  • five0ninerfive0niner Posts: 4
    We also chose between the blue and the graphite... Graphite Pearl is what we decided to go with... dark gray leather... we love it, no regrets!

    These came off the scanner a bit dark... no time to fix, sorry.
  • linh84linh84 Posts: 1
    Hey Tlauro are you going to lower your accord? I have a graphite pearl exl sedan and I want to lower it but I'm just wondering how much will it improve my accord's handling. I just ordered the eibach prokit and should be getting it next week. thanks
  • tlaurotlauro Posts: 504
    No, I don't plan on lowering it. I would by 1" if I could get the springs and dampers from the Honda Performance Kit from the Coupes seperately, but since I can't...nope.

    It will help performance, but you will likely need to replace the dampers over time and depending on how low, you may need a camber kit for the rear end.

    Overall a lower center of gravity will help performance, but I'd rather keep my stock height and use performance springs that have a higher load capacity without the drop.

    If I had larger than 17" rims I would probably have to drop it though.
  • slawendaslawenda Posts: 101
    Has anyone actually purchased/installed the optional metal trim for their Accord interior? I can only find one picture of it on the internet, and unfortunately the only picture is on an otherwise beige interior--a poor combination in my opinion. I was wondering what it would look like with the black interior, especially the EX models. If anyone has it or especially if you have a picture of it, please share your comments and/or photos! Thanks.
  • Does anyone own a Blue 4 door 03 that has been tinted? If so can you e-mail me pic's of it? Send 'em to: [email protected]

    I am looking to do my whole car but I am not too sure how tint will look on the ride. Any help would be great!
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