Calling all dectectives--searching for crossover SUV's with Active Saftely Features

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Due to the inability to rotate my neck very well after multiple surgeries, I am in need of a new car that can help make up for my physical shortcomings. The Active Safety Features sound amazing, and exactly what I need. I'm speaking of Break Assist, Blind Spot Monitor, Forward Crash Warning, and Lane Departure Warning. I am looking for a crossover (small) SUV with AWD, since I live in New England and it's high time I get a car I can drive in the snow.

Research into which CXV's have Active Safety Features in 2014 and 2015 models is slow going. It isn't a filter here on Consumer's Report, and in fact they don't discuss it much. Each CXV has several models with different packages, and a website might not list everything in a package. What I have so far is the following: Buick Encore, Jeep Cherokee, and Nissan Rogue.

Two questions: 1) Is anyone aware of other crossover SUV's (and I don't want any bigger than the smallest possible) that I haven't listed here, and 2) If you drive a car (any type) with these features, what do you think? Are they helpful?

I thank you in advance.


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    Here's an article at that may add one or two to your list.

    Some Subaru models offer "EyeSight" and there should be plenty of Subaru dealers in your area. For a crossover, check out the CrossTrek.
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    Thanks Steve. Yes, I had found this article previously and was the springboard for my search. So far, I have test driven the following cars with Active Safety Features: Ford Escape, Toyota Rav 4, Jeep Cherokee, Buick Encore, and Nissan Rogue. I have to test drive the Forrester and Outback (I don't think the Eyesight system comes with the CrossTrek, which is a shame, because it's much cuter than the Outback and Forrester!) So far, I like all of them. It's going to be a tough choice.
    Here is another good article on crash avoidance features by make and model:
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    Too bad about the CrossTrek - that one is on my sister's shortlist. (She won't admit it but she's not the best driver).

    But thanks for your list, that's helpful.
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