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Dodge Dakota phantom clunking

mscassmscass Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in Dodge
2006 Dakota R/T quad/automatic 95,000 km is in pro mechanics hands for a phantom clunking or shifting that's not throwing codes.
I was highway driving, going downhill, somewhere between 50-70 km, when the truck made a clunking sound and lurched, maybe as though changing gears on its own or slipping.
Minutes later, on the flat, same speed, it did the same thing. I drove it to pro mechanic, staying under 40 km and under 2000 rpm, with no repeat of incident. Shop owner and tech both drove and experienced the clunk, but It is not showing any codes.
The truck shifts hard and has a number of issues which may or may not be related to the clunking:
Shortly after purchase I noticed I a clunking sound on gear change going reverse to forward. This happens pretty much every time I back up.
Two times, backing out of driveway with wheels cranked, the truck stalled on gear change and although the weather was warm the truck was cold.
A couple of times on start-up, the truck would not move at all when put in reverse.
Another sporadic but ongoing issue: I pull truck out of garage and head up driveway, unable to gain full power and there is a sound of air being pushed. Passerbys turn to look---so it is noticeable. After a minute or so of “whooshing” up the road the truck returns to normal.
I spent several hours reviewing this forum and mentioned the frequency of recommendations to replace the throttle position sensor to pro mechanic. Its been scanned and comes up clear.
Truck is now on third day in shop with mechanic and techs driving it every spare moment they have with scan hooked up. Incident has repeated for them a couple of times but no info on scan. Basically, they are waiting for it to get worse.
In Canada, the tps costs $98.
Thanks for any help anyone can offer. This is my fourth Dakota---the other three have been absolute gems.


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    icelander1icelander1 Member Posts: 1
    97 dodge dakota auto overdrive 5.2 motor. . Drive sweet and shifts smooth but once in a while, sometimes a bit more ofter steady speed in overdrive and all of a sudden, a real quick chug for a split second. And normal again every once in a while it will do it  shifting othe gears but just a split second then it's fine. Again its an awsome truck runs, drives and shift great but this crazy llittle happening is driving me nuts. Also when this happens i kinda feel it in the driveshaft kinda clunk. Anyone have any input what it could be. Other than this I am stoked with my Dakota. U can tell it has been very well taken care of. 
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