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image2015 Kia Soul EV Priced at $34,500 | Edmunds.com

The new 2015 Kia Soul EV base electric vehicle starts at $34,500, including an $800 destination charge, but not including a federal tax rebate of $7,500.

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    I love electric cars, but you have got to be extremely dumb to drop $35k on a Kia Soul
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    just purchased a 2016 Soul EV, on the very first full charge, i drove for 155km (in 7 days) and the range indicator showed i could drive for 35 more km, 40km above the EPA estimated range, all city driving with A/C on 70% of the time. meaning i only have to charge it once a week, i'm happy with that.
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    Which model did you get? There's a California lower-priced base model called the Soul EV-e that starts at $32,775. After the US rebate of $7,500, you're in around $25,000 USD plus taxes and fees.

    Something tells me that prices are a wee bit higher up your way, especially in Vancouver (did your boom ever slow down?).

    How do you charge yours?

    (oh, and congrats!)
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    there are only 2 models in Canada, the base EV and EV Luxury, i bought the base EV.
    C$37,000 less $5,000 provincial rebate = $32,000, with our low Cdn dollar which is almost around US$25,000.

    I received a free charging station with the purchase but i haven't had time to get it installed yet, i have been charging it at the shopping malls and community centers for free, every couple hours is good for 2 to 3 days in my case so i'm not even sure if i want to go through the hassle of installing the charging station at my house.
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    It has been 6 months so I would like to provide a summary of operating cost to those who are interested in getting an EV. My total distance so far is only 5600km (3480mi) and the average drivers probably do twice as much so your saving (compare to gas) will be double.

    Metric: (Imperial:)
    distance: 5600km (3480mi)
    efficiency 17.1 kw/100km (3.65 miles/kw)
    total kw/h 953

    Vancouver probably has the highest gas price and lowest electricity cost, my actual saving for 6 months is around $500, it may not justify the higher initial cost of the vehicle, but i have reduced over 500Kg of green house gas !!
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    Thanks for the update @9394. Did you ever get around to installing your home charger?

    I was at the local Kia dealer today looking at Souls. Just gassers though. :)
  • 93949394 VancouverMember Posts: 74
    no, i did not. as you can see, my daily commute is around 15-25 miles, Level 1 charging is more than enough, the installation cost of the L2 charger is not justified now.

    8 hours of L1 charging gives you about 40 miles, i think most people don't need L2.
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