2005 Mazda 6i Rattling Noise

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So today I was driving on my way to get my tires fixed when I started to notice a rattling noise from my engine. I only drove with the noise for about 10 minutes until I arrived at Sears. I asked them if they had any suggestions on what the noise can be and since I was overdue on an oil change they thought it could've been from the bad oil. I got the oil change done and as soon as I started driving I heard the rattling noise once again. I will say, I had my alternator changed about a week ago and a new wire put in and the car was running fine up until today. I haven't noticed any significant problems with the actual way it was running but the noise is very loud and alarming. I couldn't imagine needing to use a higher octane gas because it runs on regular fuel. It is a 2005 Mazda 6i 2.3L Automatic. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be the source of this noise I'm hearing?


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    2 things... It could possibly be a rattling drive belt tensioner or a collapsed front engine mount. This is the mount on the passenger side front of engine. Rumble on acceleration would be noticed. These mounts collapse and engine drops down on body side of mount.
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