How to reset songs on USB?

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I have a honda civic ex coupe 2013. I have my songs on a stick USB. Whenever I add a new song, it always go to the end of the list when I hear it back in the car, even though I sorted it by name on my computer before plugging it into the USB port in my car. But the new songs always go to the end of the list.

Do you know how to reset it so it will play in the order of whatever I set it at?



  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    Hopefully some other people will chime in here, but for my FM transmitter gizmo, the only way I can rearrange songs on my stick is to rename them. And that's a convoluted process, since you have to try to sort them on the computer (I like a random sort) and then rename them. And then you lose the song titles.
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