Toyota Celica Maintenance and Parts?

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Im trying to convince my mom to buy me an 03' celica with 134,00 miles on it for a good price

but since celicas arent made anymore she thinks that parts and maintenance will very costly, i heard you can use corolla parts but that's just something i heard

can anybody shed some light on this please?

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    Have you made a decision yet?

    If you buy, or still need to know, go here:

    This forum was started 15 years ago, and many of us tend to watch it!

    To answer you: Ask your independent mechanic this same question. Go right to the source. think a mechanic would tell you, "No, I can fix anything on this car" and most repairs are reasonable, some expensive, the same with all cars."

    Now as a direct answer, realize people are still driving 80's Celicas.

    I bought a 2000 Celica brand new. It just turned over 100,000 miles. It is in fact taking some maintenance. I am in the northeast, and corrosion is more of a culprit than wear and tear. For example, the two cables that connect to the parking brakes completely corroded away. The cables were expensive (and my mechanic gets aftermarket parts whenever he can) but his was I think a $340 repair parts and labor included. The drive shafts needed replacement this year also due to the outer shell rusting and falling apart. Now I have owned the car since new and there is no way to tell how YOUR car was treated. I fix things like new, and today the car drives just like the day I drove it off the lot. Everything works, there are no noises, and of course, the drive train is still strong.

    I would say parts is not a real concern. If you watch on the road there are many of these vehicles. Toyota must have made X numbers of parts based on total sales (I think there are laws governing this.) It is a popular car, not like a one-off, right?

    If possible have a mechanic inspect it. (I know the seller will not always allow it.) Only by putting it on the lift can problems be seen, like the ones I wrote about above.

    Young people tend to buy these and drive like idiots. Aka dropping the clutch all the time. You can tell on the test ride. If it sways and feels loose, realize you will be replacing major suspension parts right off the bat. This car should do a hairpin turn fairly fast and stay level.

    Good luck!
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