Mulitiple fault codes, one remains constant - P0168. Dodge Durango.

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Engine has erratic idle, erratic starting as it may start on first turn or not at all... turn off key... wait a couple minutes and it will start. Three codes present but most likely tide back to one main code. It may run a week or a month before acting up. But the problem is getting more frequent.

Codes are...
P0168 map sensor high input
P0320 Crank sensor circuit malfunction
P0725 Engine Speed Input circuit malfunction

Prior, the check engine light would come on, engine ran fine. The only repeat code is the map sensor from prior checks when engine was running fine with check engine light on. Now the erratic rpm's and starting issue are more prevalent. We call it "Lurch" now, a personal family name.

Any ideas out there???
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