AAARRRGGGHHH. 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser stalling.

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I have had my timing belt and water pump changed, the wiring harness changed, several sensors, plug wires and radiator fan all changed an still $3000 later and two years I'm still experiencing the same issue plus others. Car acts as if it is going to stall at a stop, sometimes it does stall but starts back up. Now when driving it feels as though it is losing power (not really power but not getting gas) when going up a hill or when the outside temperature gets too warm. No one has been able to diagnose this problem and fix it, fearful of taking it to anymore mechanics. Any ideas?


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    My daughter's 2006 has been doing this.Used to hesitate but still runs when the guages return,now the guages go crazy and it usually stalls.Only 87'000 pull over put it in park and it re-starts fine and runs until next time.............
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    Forgot to mention,one of the shops I took it to for this problem wanted to sell me 2 motor mounts,an oil sensor,two rear tires ,rear brakes,a brake line flush,electric radiator fan,plugs,wires a probable ac charg,engine flush,trans flush,wind shield wiper blades,and VERY SOON,a 700.00 timing belt.Didnt mention the guages correction or stalling problem I took it in for.Next guy said the only code was for a crank sensor(that actually made sense)I had them change that and it still did the guage thing while I was re-charging the A.C.We havent driven it sense......
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