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Have I got a story for you. I just purchased a used 94 Ford Thunderbird with only 49,800 miles on it. No odometer fraud occured on this car. The odometer worked great for a 10 days, I have only had the car now for 14 days. The odometer and trip odometer stopped working. Good thing I have another car to use. I was very pissed. I took it to the ford dealer, because my mechanic said they were the only people that would have the part. Well the part itself is 270 bux and the labor is 175. Thats crazy, did anyone else with any type of ford have this problem?? I am going to write Ford a letter if they can't make a odometer work for the life of a car then how can they make cars to last. This is my first ford but maybe my last..


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    when there was only six months left on the three year warranty. It was replaced at 23648, but when the new odometer was installed the thing read 0000000 with a sticker on the door jam saying to add 23648 to that! If they are going to charge that much for a new speedo/odo, make sure the odometer is advanced to the present miles. This is done when Canadian vehicles are sold in the USA. The kilo odo is factory changed to odo, (miles). The car? 95 T Bird 4.6
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    I went to the dealer today to get the odometer replaced. They were going to put a sticker on the door hell no. I made the advance it to the mileage on the car. Crazy I was paying $400 and they wanted to use a sticker. Got the car back and it works great. I also called Ford and thier customer service SUCKS. I wrote a letter to the Dispute Settlement Board for a complaint against Ford. I Think everyone should do the same!! The customer service was horrible and they didn't even try to help me out. THIS IS MY FIRST AND LAST FORD. Thank god.
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    What engine is in the T-bird. If it's the 3.8 V6 - be on the lookout for head gasket problems.
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    Sounds like your complaining because you had to pay 400 bucks to fix an odometer. The car is seven years old with only 49.8k miles on it, I'm guessing the odometer broke because the odometer wasn't used that much. Especially since the car hasn't been driven that much. So that's normal. Like the previous post mentioned, watch out for a leaking head gasket.
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    When was the last time you heard of one breaking? I've heard of ford odometers breaking more commonly than others. I have the V8, I didn't want the burden of the head gaskets on the V6.
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    I'm planing on purchasing either car with preference to the Cougar. I prefer luxury to sport and do not want a Red, White or Black car.
    I don't like the fake 1/2 vinyl top on the Bostonion version. Looking at years 93 to 98.
    What problems should I be looking for in checking
    the car over?
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    My wife's 94 4.6L T-Bird has had all these problems and more. She swears that there will be NO more Fords in our house. I just can't understand how Ford can have the same transmission, torque convertor, odometer and water leak problems year after year and never fix them. I went back to GM. I have had 2 Cadillacs and both were trouble free.
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