Used 2014 Toyota Highlander XLE. Need help how to get a better deal.

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We are decided to get our family car and we are looking for a Certified Highlander 2014. I'm from MD and the car we found is in NJ.

Last Saturday, I found this Blizzard Pearl exterior with almond interior (demo)car.

Certified 2014 Toyota Highlander AWD XLE V6
4,735 miles
Price: $35,995

I called the dealership and spoke to the sales agent which I found a bit pushy during our conversation. Today, I emailed the manager and asked for the best price they can offer. He replied, 'the car is aggressively priced @ $35, 995.' Said statement appears to me that they won't give more discounts. He further mentioned that they won't give discount like thousands. I'm interested in this car, what do you think is the most reasonable price. I checked the Edmund's appraisal and this car has a trade-in value of around $31,500. So how can I haggle effectively?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    Hi MC78, my advice would be to purchase a 2015 Highlander for the same price. You get a brand new vehicle with ZERO miles on it. Build the vehicle that you want using Edmunds and only pay at in or around invoice. What worked for me in Kansas City was I called the 8 dealerships and spoke directly to the New Cars sales manager or the internet manager. I told them I am buying today and I was calling a few dealershipss in town looking for their best offer. Trust me, you will get their attention real fast and there will be a dealership or two that will sell that 2015 at or near invoice. The problem you have right now with your current dealer is you have not given them a reason to budge. Highlanders are selling very well and many uniformed buyers are paying close to the MSRP or feel they cannot negotiate. Also, I have noticed the Northeast sells their vehicles at a great price, so I would think it would be easy to find a dealer pretty quick who would sell you a BRAND NEW 2015 at the 2014 price! I hope this helps.
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    @mc78, I priced out a "used" XLE in "clean" condition for my zip code and came up with $33,154 dealer retail. We don't have a CPO price for this model, but that usually adds ~$1,500 to the price. So your dealer isn't too far off from the average. You're using a trade-in number, but dealers don't like to sell using a trade-in price.

    If you use outstanding for the condition, the TMV jumps to $34,408.

    One thing you can try is to tell the dealer what your top number is and if they can't sell the Highlander at that price, you'll just buy new from your local MD dealer (like Fitzmall). Take @dsoy1998's advice in other words.

    Can Buying a Demo Car Save You Money?

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    dsoy1998: thank you so much. Would like to know if you don't mind sharing if what model did you get and how much is the OTD price you got?
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    stever: thanks a lot! How many miles the car had when you got it?
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    @mc78, when I priced out a used 2014 XLE, I used the 4,735 miles that you gave in your post a couple of days ago. (I'm just looking at numbers, didn't actually get one).
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    mc78 said:

    dsoy1998: thank you so much. Would like to know if you don't mind sharing if what model did you get and how much is the OTD price you got?

    MC78, I did order and XLE, but moved to Limited AWD with an expected delivery of 8 October. My Out the Door (OTD) price is $39,500 (w/o tax); which includes the following options/accessories:

    2015 Highlander Limited AWD
    Red Exterior over Black Interior
    Remote Start (After Market)
    Running Boards
    Body Side Molding
    Rear Bumper Protector
    All Weather Mats w/Cargo Liner
    Carpet Floor Mats and Cargo Mat
    Door Edge Guards
    Cargo Net
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    Why would someone want to buy a used 2014 for a fairly small discount? Once you turn the ignition key on a new car it's value plummets. Just buy it new as many seem to be suggesting...and since cars like Honda and Toyota aren't big depreciators and their respective companies tend to tightly manage inventories, you may be wise to just pay a bit more and get a 2015 at this point in time.
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