NHTSA "Asleep at the Switch"

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NHTSA "Asleep at the Switch"

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was "asleep at the switch" during the ignition-switch problems that plagued GM vehicles, a new report by the House Energy and Commerce Committee said.

"It is tragic that the evidence was staring NHTSA in the face and the agency didn't identify the warnings," said Fred Upton (R-MI), committee chairman.

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    @kokomojoe, and it's too bad you can't afford a lawyer to help in "recall" situations unless you are seriously injured and can find one that'll work on contingency.
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    I'm sure there's no doubt that NHTSA could improve its practices. That said, there's even less doubt that GM is ultimately responsible for the ignition switches they designed and installed.
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    Maybe the agency got some more funding and investigators?

    "NHTSA has stepped up its enforcement efforts following criticism that it acted too slowly on reports about failed General Motors Co. ignition switches that caused air-bags to lose power. The agency faced similar complaints over its response to reports that air-bags supplied by Takata Corp. could explode, sending shrapnel toward front-seat occupants." (Bloomberg)

    "The settlement is the latest sign that auto safety regulators are taking a more aggressive approach toward companies that fail to disclose defects or don’t properly conduct a recall." (WTNH)
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    A reporter wants to talk with a Jeep Cherokee owner about the recent recall aimed to address security vulnerabilities exposed by hackers last month. If you'd like to discuss your experience, please reach out to [email protected] by no later than August 18, 2015.
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