Beware: BMW End Of Lease Experience

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Just turned in my BMW 328xi. 2.5 yrs. About 24k miles. Run flats were a nightmare throughout (they ride very rough and cannot take a pothole of any sort without blowing) and they cost me $1,000 in replaced tires and lots of time arguing with the dealer. The dealer admitted that they know these tires are a big problem and everyone complains about them, but they certainly don't tell you that before you buy or lease the car. Because run flats have very thick, flat sidewalls, the rims also get chewed up much more than on other cars since the tires don't stick out past the rims, as they do on other cars without run flats. I was told by the dealer that YOU CANNOT BUY ANY BMW WITHOUT RUN FLATS, so prepare yourself! I also note that my tire pressure monitoring system never worked from the moment I bought the car and the dealer could not fix it, despite repeated attempts. Drivers side car mat tore away from anchors after 5k miles, and again could not be fixed because it tore a hole in the cheap carpeting. Interior door panel on rear door would pop off when door was shut. Overall, a poorly made car, especially considering the marque and the expectations that go with it. Then came the end of lease inspection. Other than two rims that were scratched, I had a few scratches on the paint that were longer than 2 inches. They gave me a bill for $1,200!!! I was warmed that BMW is super aggressive at end of term, but now I know that those I heard from did not exaggerate. The experience of owning this car was so negative that I will never buy one again, and then they shake you down at the end. Very nice. It felt like bait and switch from start to finish.


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