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imageShould I Buy a New Car or a Used Luxury Car? |

You have $30K to spend on a new, non-luxury car. Should you buy it? Or spend the same amount on a used luxury vehicle?

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  • onthefence2onthefence2 Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like your used lux car has more downsides: more costs to maintain, more expensive fuel, may have fewer safety features, no warrantee! Cost as much as a new car with out the benefits of buying new.
  • digital_bdigital_b Member Posts: 129
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    if youve never lived with a luxury car you simply dont know what youre missing. and if you buy an extended warranty then the out of pocket costs to you are lower. especially if you buy an asian luxury car. if you think cars are transportation appliances then go buy a new crap box. if you enjoy the finer things then you realize its an emotional experience not just a decision.
  • ae1606ae1606 Member Posts: 7
    BMW has thrown in the towel on their vehicles as credible long-term products. Go to this link from their website , look about half way down to "See what is not covered for CPO vehicles retailed on or after 1/1/2014". The "not covered" list includes things like door locks, sunroof, electronics, bushings, struts, tie-rods, headlights, door handles, water leaks (not a joke), mounts (as in transmission and engine mounts, not a joke), light bulbs, interior dashboards (not a joke) and on and on. If your dash-board goes dark and it's not covered, what's the point behind "CPO" again? Seems kind of important. What's worse, BMW used to sell policies for $1,500-$3,000 allowing you to upgrade their CPO "warranty" effectively to bumper-to-bumper coverage. They no longer do this. Some dealers try and get around it by working with third party insurers but the prices are staggering and that's because these are PRECISELY the things that often fail on BMWs inside 60k-70k miles. I've owned 5 BMWs, have LOVED driving them, love the cars but have had chronic quality problems with all but one of them. Wonderful cars to drive but the changes to the CPO warranty and the lack of supplemental policies seems to be a clear flag that declining BMW quality makes these vehicles more toys for enjoyment rather than also being reliable vehicles for transportation.
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