Does anybody know what this is? 2015 Hyundai Sonata.

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I bought a new 2015 Sonata last month and in the trunk in a sealed package was this item. It's soft and rubbery; top is like carpet; bottom has Velcro that attaches to the existing carpet; shape hugs the right side of the trunk; perfect fit. The paper that came with it made reference to cargo and I've asked people at the dealership who say that "yes, it has to do with the cargo" but nobody seems to know WHAT it has to do with the cargo. They say that the cargo mat (carpet) can be turned over and then it's a rubber mat as opposed to a carpet mat. But I still can't figure out what this is for. I've asked all kinds of people; nobody can figure it out. So it's in the trunk, attached to the carpet, hugging the side of the trunk, doing nothing. Does anybody have any ideas?


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    That piece goes in the trunk (on the passanger side). It molds perfectly on the trunk floor and is utilized to hold the cargo mat to the trunk floor (think velcro). Apparently they felt that you didn't need one for each side to hold the mat in place.
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    I was wondering what that was too in my trunk. I just left it there!

    so basically it has no purpose if you have the fuzzy side of the trunk mat facing up, but it helps it keep from sliding around if you have the rubber side up?

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