Fun 4-seater under 10K?

mondragueitormondragueitor Member Posts: 3
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Hi, I'm about to turn 16 and I'm looking to buy my first car under 10K. I am really into cars and I really enjoy driving so I want my first car to be fun, I would like something that is RWD or AWD and has a manual transmission, I also want it to be decently fast and I want to be able to upgrade it and be able to find many aftermarket parts for it (exhaust, intake, body parts, headlights). I've been looking into the 350z, but it is difficult to find one under 10k with less than 90,000 miles on it, and I would really like to have 4 seats instead of 2.
I just want a fast car that I will enjoy driving. And I know this sounds cocky coming from a teenager but I want something that will stand out that can have a really loud exhaust :)
Thank you!
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