GMC 2004 Sierra Z-71 SLE single cab short bed 4-4 5.3l problems

mucklermuckler Member Posts: 3
edited September 2014 in GMC
I have been reading what you people have been saying about this and other of the same trucks, here is what I have. 209,000 miles, a motor that runs as good and strong as new, BUT everythig you could imagine has failed at one time or another. Front hubs, over 5 times, Brakes at least a dozen, steering wheel shaft replacement 3 times before they changed part, brake lines rusted and broken, abs total failure, rust around doors, rear side bed posts rotted away, rear bed cables broke under load, rear bumper rotting out. This has been a devil of a truck, in some ways I love the thing and it is a pleasure to drive, and is about as quick as a GT Mustang on the road, but has been by far the worst vehicle I have ever owned!!!!!!!!!!! I have always been a GM man, 36yrs driving to date, BUT this will be the last. And the frosting on the cake is I have never been notified about a recall that effected my truck, even though I have paid to replace the fan blower relay 3times out of pocket. Believe me if I took the time to list all troubles, you wouldn't believe me. Almost forgot, I have a spongy brake also??
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