2001 GMC Sonoma not starting WEIRD

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New Member here. Sorry In advance for the long post but strange things are happening with my daughter’s Sonoma. 2001 4.3L (VIN”W”) A/T 130,000 miles. We hope that some of you GM Guru’s can help us out. She called me the other day saying her truck would not crank-over, I asked if she had preformed the “Relearn” (we have had to do this 4-6 times over the last 2 years) she said yes but did not work. I went over the next morning and same thing, all electrical seems to be working but motor will not crank. Did another “Relearn”, still nothing. Pulled battery and had tested, tested good. Ok must be Starter, did not reconnect battery and pulled Starter Motor. Next morning had Starter tested, tested good. Ok go back to truck reconnect battery, before reinstalling Starter, I check voltage at Battery cable on starter side, 12 volts, have daughter turn key to start, check voltage on wire “S” on starter side 12 volts. Now I’m lost, disconnect battery reinstall same starter, connect battery, turn key and truck starts and seems to runs fine. Drove around the block a few times truck is running great. Next day daughter takes truck to work (back and forth) no problem. Now this is were it gets weird. The next day truck starts fine but stalls on her way to work. When I get to her, truck acts like it’s out of fuel. Had truck towed to her house. After tow driver sets truck down I hook up my little “Code Reader” and the only Code showing is P0410 (this code has been showing for almost 3 years). I unhook “Code Reader”, turn key and the truck starts, idles like crap, but runs. Turn it off, run to auto parts store to rent Gas Pressure Gauge, get back to truck, hook-up gauge, turn key to “ON” no pressure and no sound from Fuel Pump. Relay is good I can hear it click and also I traded with one that I know is good. I tried to get to the Fuel Pump to test for voltage but I cannot access pump wires. The truck cranks over but now Fuel Pump does not seem to be working. We are at a loss of what to do next. Are we dealing with two different problems here or are these tied together some how? Please any and all ideas, suggestions or help would be appreciated. Thank you and again sorry for the long Post.
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