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Losing Pressure in Clutch is a Common Problem. Dodge Dart.

momsalotmomsalot Member Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Dodge
For anyone who knows a manual transmission Dodge Dart owner: A sticking clutch means you need a Master Cylinder. Even if it hasn't happen to you yet, hurry to your dealer and tell them that, and you can do your own the research to see that this is impacting hundreds of manual Darts across the country. I had a couple of incidents where there was no pressure in the clutch while I was trying to start it, and got nothing when turning the key, and then after a few tries it started and ran fine. I mentioned it to the dealer but they could not replicate it. Then a few weeks ago I was pulling out of a parking lot and the clutch went right to the floor and would not come back up. I had to pull it up with my toe. I took it right to the dealer and then looked it up, finding it a common complaint. Even though I am a few thousand miles past warranty, the dealer covered it and replaced the Master Cylinder, though it took a few weeks to get the part. They told me that a few hundred Dart owners have had this problem, and local customers were starting to report it. Do not drive the car with the clutch sticking, it could be dangerous. This should be an official recall--Chrysler should cover this problem and provide you with a vehicle while it is being fixed--we should contact Chrysler and ask that they do so, but to date it is not part of an official recall.


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    dgoodlandgoodlan Member Posts: 1
    I am going through the same issue right now, the only problem is that my car has 40,000 miles on it and is nowhere near being under warranty.
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    the1aonlethe1aonle Member Posts: 4
    edited August 2015
    Help needed.  I am an owner of a 2014 Dart manual transmission. At 30,000 miles I thought I was having a transmission problem.  I took my car to Dodge and they told me it was my clutch, fly wheel and several other things. My Dart was out of warranty ( over 12,000 miles). Dodge repaired it and said it was a courtesy and charged me $500. About 1500 miles later the same problem occurred and Dodge is now refusing to fix my vehicle because they say it is out of warranty and the first time was a courtesy. Dodge wants me to pay over $2000 to repair my Dart.  I believe that they should repair it because the new parts should be under a new 12,000 mile warranty.  

    Very confused and displeased anyone have any advice on what action I should take.  I thought about a laywer but not sure if I have grounds.  
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    teddyluvteddyluv Member Posts: 1
    I too have thought about a lawyer, as I had the master cylinder replaced twice since Sept 2014, then in Jan of this year, the clutch went out, I was told that it was normal wear & tear, had nothing to do with the master cylinder& therefore cost me 2369.00 to repair. then it was back in the shop, the turbo went out on it...... had it back for 6 days when once again, the clutch pedal went to the floor & stayed there. For the THIRD time in 1 1/2 years my 2013 Dodge dart is Back in the shop to have the master cylinder replaced . Chrysler just says " I am sorry & refuses to work with me. Hello: Look at the cars history, I feel that Chrysler should step up & do the " Right " thing here. They do not seem to care about their customers, or realize just how much word of mouth advertising can hurt their business. I can't begin to tell you how many people I have already told about my issues, and they Will not be purchasing a vehicle from Chrysler/ Dodge because of it. I am amazed that there are so many issues with the Dodge dart & Chrysler is getting away scott free.
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    fireemt45fireemt45 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2015 Dodge Dart with 22000 miles on it. I started having problems with the car two weeks ago. The clutch would reengage while driving down the road at about 3000 rpms in third and fourth gear. That was the first couple days. I went to the dealer right away and I had to wait a week to get the car looked at. When I took the car to the dealer finally the clutch was doing it in all six gears. They looked at it and claim that it is normal wear and tear. They are paying for parts. I still dont understand how the clutch is out at 22000 miles. I have been driving a Manual since I started driving. Has anyone had a similair problem and what their dealer did to fix the problem. I see that theres quite a few problems with the master cylinder.
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    dodgydart2013dodgydart2013 Member Posts: 3
    Tonight driving back from Home from work luckily near my exit on the freeway or could have been very dangerous. My clutch stuck to the floor, I managed to get into 2nd gear and drove it home without stopping. Now the gears won't even move as well. The car only has 48,000 I'm the second owner I've only had the car about four months. This happened once before but I managed to get the clutch back up and working.  I feel this should be a recall issue as its seems like a manufacturers fault  this is potentially very dangerous. Who should I contact a lawyer or someone at Chysler. 
    Chysler should fix this problem before someone is injured.
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    dodgydart2013dodgydart2013 Member Posts: 3
    Okay so February 2017, I lose control over the clutch it sticks to the floor on the way to Las Vegas. I took the car to a Chrysler Dealer they told me the car had a worn out clutch and wanted to charge me $2500. I took it to an independent mechanic and he said the slave cylinder was leaking fluid in the other components which in turn has caused them to break. He said I would need a new clutch, master cylinder (which Chrysler said they replaced last August) and flywheel. He said it was the problem which was all over the internet about these cars. 
    I spoke to Chysler they said they can't take an independent mechanics opinion and if I wanted a 2nd option I had to take it to another Chrysler dealer. Also they said don't believe everything you read about the cars Clutch on the internet! Even though there has been a class action lawsuit against them for this problem.Where they charge you $125 just to look at the car. Chrysler don't want to help people on this issue, the cars are dangerous and should not be allowed on the roads.  If anyone knows of lawyers who will help me fight this? I have a new born baby, and I don't want to drive her in it even when it's fixed as I know it will happen again.
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    spidey21spidey21 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2017
    Hi my dart 2013 going crazy..
    I repair the clutch,the fly wheel a couple of week ago. Yesterday the pedal stay down and i have to Pull with my hand..
    It 91000 km.. 
    It looks a regular problem with the dart..
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    dart_pjlubdart_pjlub Member Posts: 1
    I just spent about a hour on phone with dodge about clutch. Couldn't help me/us. But what I got from it was we need to get on official dodge sites forums and complain there. They said can't use these forums. So everyone pass on info and lets post on there site. Very frustrated with there service and backing of product.
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    jloerajloera Member Posts: 1
    I too have experienced this same issue of losing clutch pressure on my 2013 dart but so far only when I start the car. The car does seem to build up pressure after about five minutes of running. However I’m concerned that the next issue will be losing pressure while commuting to work. I too think that we need to file a class action suit or have dodge do a recall. Please pass on any information that will allow me to join a group of concerned consumers requesting some type of law action suit or recall.
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    Moparguy603Moparguy603 Member Posts: 1
    Everyone should start going to safercar.gov and file a complaint about this.
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