Prices paid for a 2014 or 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid

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To forum members, I am in the market for Honda Accord Hybrid either 2014 or 2015 doesn't really care. I need it urgently because I just got rear ended and the car was totaled. Can you just tell me what you paid for your Hybrid before tax and OTD price.

Trim: EX/EX-L/Touring
Vehicle Price: $xx,xxx.xx
Destination: $xxx.xx
Doc Fees: $xxx.xx
Taxes: $x,xxx.xx
Tags: $xxx.xx
Less Trade-In: $xx,xxx.xx

Total OTD: $xx,xxx.xx

thank you


  • seinlinseinlin Member Posts: 1
    I bought 2015 Accord Hybrid ExL last September. After 13,000 miles of mixed driving, I can confidently say it can only do around 38 mpg...and not as 45 highway/50 city as advertised. I occasionally see some warnings from multiple cameras (side, front, back) when the weather is hot in California and it went away by itself. However, lane change warning is not working anymore and need to bring it to a dealer for the warranty repair. Overall, I am quite happy with the mileage and performance.
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