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Air suspension ride - Lincoln Navigator

maika1maika1 Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Lincoln

my 03 Navi neen sitting low to the floor for a day already.    The compressor will not start, I checked all fuses and no luck. ..  I notice the the relay cables were hanging off my front bumper.    And one relay was nailed down down above the passenger wheel, but no cables were npt were plugged in.  And the cables were hanging with a relay at yhe end.   Can this ne the problem?  It looks like the replace the relay once and left the old one just nailed there.


  • sttrsttr Posts: 13
    You can put regular shocks on them but I don't recommend it. I did that on my 98 and its why I got rid of it. Looking back I would just fix the air ride system.

    Turn off the pump you lose the steering assist and it becomes more boat like and jerky driving it. You can see and feel that by turning the pump off also. It changes the steering characteristics. The fuse to the pump and level control is also the window rollers and I think door locks so you cannot pull the fuse and you'll want to because even with the pump off the auto level always draws a little bit of juice wanting to level the vehicle. This goes on forever as long as the pump is off so if you change it to all regular shocks it drains the battery prematurely unless you can find someone local that can tell you how to by pass loop around that fricking terminal that controls the other things you need to keep preventing you from pulling the fuse to stop that power drain. I was daily having to disconnect my battery just so it would start in the morning in winter or just charge it all the time. Got old and led to my getting the 06 I own now.
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