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imageSubaru Forester vs Mazda CX-5 - Two Crossover SUVs Face Off Video |

Two crossover SUVs and two editors Face Off: the Subaru Forester vs the Mazda CX-5. Editors James Riswick and Mike Monticello debate the merits of each SUV, including their performance, comfort, interior, value and how much (or little) they're fun to drive. Which car would you buy: the Forester or CX-5?

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  • tomslick2tomslick2 Member Posts: 4
    These are the only two in the segment with a manual. For me it boils down to how many wheels I wan't driven. AWD in the Forester or FWD in the CX-5
  • ford_hondaford_honda Member Posts: 9
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    I doubt the extra 0.2" is going to make a difference between 8.5" and 8.7" of ground clearance. If you are going to bring up approach angle be able to answer the question what is the approach angle of the CX-5?
  • oldbearcatoldbearcat WVMember Posts: 197
    I bought a 2015 CX5 AWD Touring. I like the way it performs and handles, and, its fuel economy has been excellent for an AWD vehicle. Its very comfortable on long trips. I've put 7k miles on it so far and, am very satisfied with it.

  • dukdudedukdude Member Posts: 1
    I love my Forester XT. I agree the CX5 looks better, it was a hard decision when I was car shopping but I just love the Forester for its space, comfort, power,unmatched all wheel drive, gas mileage (if I keep my foot off of it), light off-road capabilities, etc. I've had my 2014 FXT for almost 2 yrs and I still wouldn't trade it for a CX-5. My girlfriend wants a CX-5 though, and I'm all for it..both are great cars!
  • vampiredogvampiredog Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have experience using the CX 5 as an off road vehicle, for instance driving through loose sand over washboard roads in the desert?
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