Hard ride in 2005 Honda CR-V Executive

dfw1971dfw1971 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Honda
Hi all any help on this matter would be great.

Bought a CRV 2005 executive last week, uk car with 51000 miles and full dealer history.
Took the car out for a test drive before i purchased the car and everything seemed fine, but after
having the car foe a few days now, i cannot get my head around the harshness of the ride quality,
car had only a fresh mot done before i bought it as well , checked the tyre pressures and set them to the recommened 29 psi , but ride is still very unforgiving? does anyone else own a car like my 2005 crv? is this MK2 crv renown for its harsh ride? as in the past i had a mark 1 1997 crv and the ride was really good , but this mark 2 2005 has the ride of a Civic type R , which i have also owned in the past! car is running on almost new bridgestone dulers ..
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