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Short bed box hauling

pasobility1pasobility1 Posts: 12
edited February 2014 in Ford
Help, I get so many different responses to this
question. Who out there is actually hauling a four
horse gooseneck trailer without a bullet nose that
allows clearance in a short bed box. Who is
hauling their 4 horse trailer with a 4x4 and is not
traveling down the street with their trailer nose
in the air? I am ready to put in my order-then I
get a response that the short bed, gooseneck
combination does not work. Help Help Help.


  • I am taliking about a Ford F250. Other trucks may work, but I am specifically intested in hearing responses from those who are hauling with a 1999 F250. Thanks
  • stevekstevek Posts: 362
    I know that the new fords have a clearance problem with 5th wheel travel trailers. You may have the same experience, check with an RV dealer, he may know more.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    There's a special hitch designed for short bed hauling. It's been mentioned in some of the other F-SD groups, but I didn't remember the name (having a long bed, its a nonissue).

    Stevek: most of the 5th wheel manufacturers I looked at said that they're adapting to the new taller trucks. It might be a problem with an older design, though. Then again, just eyeballing them side by side the Ford and Dodge 4X4s don't look very different in height... hmm..
  • Stanford, what is the special hitch for short bed hauling. the Hitch people made a very good argument that the trailer would run tion the front of the cab when making a tight, or even a not so tight turn. I am so disappointed because I didn't want to have the long monster parked on my street. Where to look for that information.?
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    It slides back after connection so that the pivot point is behind the rear axle. Read through the 1999 SD groups and the gooseneck/4X4 group for the exact brand.
  • Thanks JB, we will call chad. I have never heard of such a thing and it makes me happy to know there is a choice. Unfortunately, the pirce is totally outrageous. I really have to think about the benefit of the short bed vs the long bed--there I thought about it. I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE a cc long bed.
  • singer4singer4 Posts: 43
    My son and I were riding home from a car show this afternoon, and sure enough, we saw a Dually, CC Long bed----first words from my son....Dad, that looks like a limousine!!! Good Luck on your choice!! JB
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606

    Once you're in the CC already, why not go for the long bed (I drive a CC LWB DRW myself). It's only 15" shorter -- that's not that much of a percentage difference on a 22' truck.
  • mharde2mharde2 Posts: 278
    paso, I have a short bed dodge and tow a 5th wheel with no problem. Had no problems towing it with the short bed ford that I had before. Most 5th wheels 30' and under have an extended pin box and pose no problem to the short bed hauler. If your pin box comes straight down thats a different story....
  • There are lots of problems with hauling with a short bed. The goosneck has to sit at the axel and that only gives you 24 to 25 inches between the front of the trailer and the back of the cab. A hard turn could have your trailer into the cab. The Pullem enterprises hitch is super for the fith wheel people. It makes it possible for you to turn with the trailer sliding back to adjust with the turn.
    I had a long talk with the people there and is is possible for them to reconfigure the the balll hitch to make it a regular fifth wheel hitch so I can pull my horse trailer with the short bed truck. The problem is that it is very expensive and you have to leave the hitch in the bed, therefore loosing the use of the already reduced bed. I think I am going to have to get the boat after all-I just don't want that huge thing, in addtition to a 22' trailer. Yuk! Wish this shortbed would work.
  • arazaraz Posts: 27
    On the subject of Fords that are too high, and give the "nose up" attitude on your fifth or goose neck rigs.... Ford is addressing this problem thru a dealer installed lowering kit. They claimed they overlooked the trailerering crowd when the Super Duty series came out 5' higher than anyone else. Got this from Trailer Life Magazine. As for short beds and fifths/goosenecks, I tow a fifth with a SB truck-the hitch is an inch or so behind the axle centerline, but the difference to me is not remarkable.
  • arazaraz Posts: 27
    Whoops that's supposed to be five inches higher----
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    How tall is the Dodge 3500 4X4? Next to each other there didn't seem to be more than a couple of inches off between it and my F350 4X4. Certainly not 5"!
  • arazaraz Posts: 27
    Just got back here. Who said anything about a Dodge? I thought his concern was a Ford that was too high.
  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Exactly. The implication is that the Dodge 4X4 is not (never heard anyone say much about it). My point is that they're not that far different in height.
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