Anyone else have the VSA light come on AFTER the recall fix? Acura MDX.

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In July '14 I took my '05 MDX in to the dealer for the most recent VSA recall.

Approximately 5 weeks later, I experienced what appeared to be my Antilock Brakes engaging quickly for a short burst, first on the driver side, for about 10 quick pulses. It felt as though I had driven over the small lane bumps, but there was nothing in the road. This was when the VSA warning light and triangle appeared. Later that day when I returned to my car, the light was not on, but within 5 miles, the same thing happened again, this time coming from the passenger side. The light has been on since that time.

This sounds like the problem that was occurring that the recall was supposed to fix (which I was not having any problem until after they "fixed" my car.

Of course I took it back to the dealer to have the computer codes read and diagnose the problem. They performed the diagnostics and did the troubleshooting protocol and could not find anything wrong. The next step in the diagnosis is to replace the VSA / ABS module with a known working unit - which will cost $1500 for just the part and $500 for labor. Of course this part almost NEVER goes bad, so they don't have it on hand and I would have to order it. And, they don't even know if this will fix the problem, it's just the next step in the diagnosis.

The dealer does not believe that it is related to the recall work that was just done, but I do not see how it just happens to have a problem with a part that almost never breaks so soon after it was patched. I contacted Acura and of course they reached out to the dealer and say that it isn't their problem.

Has anyone else had this problem? I love this car, but $2k and it might not even fix the problem?

Thanks, Linda

PS. The day I picked it up after the recall service, the rear view mirror had a bubble in it. I know that this is a common problem, but really bad timing for it to happen. Oh, and I've had 2 vent clips break off. Sigh.


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    Any word on what happened with this? I am having same problem after taking it in for the recall last year. No signs before recall, just after an dealer says it is not related to the recall.

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    2007 Honda Odyssey VSA light is on after fixing recall.
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