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Used Audi S5 Lease Quote

raminnoodleraminnoodle Member Posts: 9
edited September 2014 in Audi
I have a question about a lease deal. I have included what they are offering and some of the numbers are confusing me. They are trying lease a used 2013 Audi S5 with 39k miles on it. The sticker price is $43,000 I asked for a quote on 15k miles over a 36 month lease. They in return gave me a quote for a 51 month lease. My MF is .00156 approved by the bank. When I look at the quote it has $43k and something called CRV @ $49k I am not sure why there is a number of $49,000 on the document when the sticker price says $43,000. I have included a picture of the quote and was wondering if someone could help break it down for me to see what they are really trying to charge me.

Image attached.


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