Gurgling coming from dashboard area/heat/ac vents. Toyota Highlander.

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I have a "gurgle that happens when I start my car most days, and doesn't "gurgle" for my entire ride. Ie, it will stop after a period of time and 'not always'. I haven't noticed it more/less based on temperature (ie happens more on HOT days or COLD days), and also-I can fiddle with turning on the heat/air/defrost and it will go away but it's not "ONE" thing that makes it stop.

Is it a bubble in the compressor, is it going to get worse over a cold Chicago winter, will it make my heat stop working? Is it something mechanical, something dangerous or a quick/easy/cheap fix?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    From skimming the net, it sounds like air bubbles and that's usually due to low refrigerant. Don't know about the heat stopping, but lots of defrosters use the AC to "condition" the air and remove moisture so you can see out the windshield.
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