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Clunky shifting at 20 miles per hour

mytroopermamytrooperma Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Isuzu
I bought a use 2001 Trooper last month. I has run great, but I did need a new tie rod and breaks to pass inspection, And at 147000 miles it had never had a timing belt/water pump change so I took care of that.

Last week out of the blue the check engine light came on. So I had it read and it said "Lean" whicj y mechanic explained suggested it wasn't getting enough h2o ( I think I have that right). BUt is wasn't sputtering or stalling so he turn it off and said to keep and eye on it.

Yesterday, out of the blue, at 20mph it would shift hard. Three trips later that issue went away. But this morning it returned and check engine light came back on. But tonight no clunky shifting at 20 mph.

It has also randomly indicated that it is in neutral, but really is in drive. And the it suddenly seems to shift and display drive.

Any insights?.
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