Mazda CX-5 significant update coming?

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Hi. I'm looking for a small SUV and the CX-5 is one of my top choices. However my buddie, informed by one of his friends, told me to hold off. He said the CX-5 will have a significant update inside out coming later this year or early next. Can anyone confirm it? What do you think?


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    Tough question - it's only been three years since the CX-5 arrived (well, three years in January). Lots of sites indicate that a refresh is due for 2016 - I'm inclined to trust this AutoBlog story the most, which indicates there will be, at best, a mild refresh.

    And it's not like Mazda screwed up the intro or that they aren't selling. It's a great rig right now (I really enjoyed test driving one earlier this year).
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    Thanks. I found an Aussie site that said changes to the interior will be significant. It will come by the end of Nov I think. Now I'm excited. 

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    Yeah, I found about 10 sites that say a major makeover is in the works. But I don't really believe them - those sites usually offer up a lot of conjecture and photoshop pics. Good ad-click material but my guess is that it's mostly wishful thinking.

    But I've been wrong before. ;) Who knows, Mazda may pull the wraps off something to fight back against the refreshed CR-V. That refresh is coming in the CR-V's 4th model year.
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    My wife drives 120 miles round trip 5 days a week. Her VW TDI is way, way past 300,000 miles. I would like to buy her a new CX-5. But MPG and long life are crucial to me. I just don't understand how Mazda can sell a diesel version of the CX-5 in other markets but not in the US?

    So my "significant upgrade to the CX-5" is a diesel engine!! In a perfect world I would even like it with the six speed manual transmission. Which makes sense since people buy the diesel wanting the best mpg. Come on... with leather seats!
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