2012-14 Acura TL vs TSX

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Hello car enthusiasts, i'm looking for a new (to me) entry level luxury car and have pretty much narrowed it down to either an Acura TL or TSX with a 2012 or later model year. I would be getting the base engine with tech package for either model, and through initial negotiations it looks like a $2.5k difference between the two for the same year and similar mileage and condition.

I've test driven both and they have a similar ride with the TSX being the firmer of the two, and both seem to offer the same basic equipment. I'll do an extended test drive in the next few weeks but I'd like to get a few opinions from owners on which model is more of a luxury vehicle versus a performance vehicle. I know luxury is subjective but I'm trying to determine which model focuses more on comfort and giving a pleasant ride, than having the driver feel every curve and maximizing the zero to 60 time. My initial thoughts are that the TL is what I should focus on but want to give the TSX a fair shake.
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