Feds Probe 2006-'10 Toyota Corolla for Low-Speed Surging | Edmunds.com

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imageFeds Probe 2006-'10 Toyota Corolla for Low-Speed Surging | Edmunds.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is reviewing an estimated 1.69 million 2006-'10 Toyota Corolla sedans following a consumer's petition that the cars can accelerate unexpectedly at low speeds.

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    Maneuvering at slow speeds in my '09 Corolla S took some practice. A good example of "surging" is inching up behind a car at a stop light: a little too much pedal really does cause a sudden and quite unexpected surge of acceleration. The cause must be in the accelerator pedal calibration. And before any yahoo out there replies with the old and worn-out "operator error" comment, I can say my wife's '09 Ford Focus SEL, which I drive from time to time, is free from this kind of problem. As a matter of fact, the Corolla has been recalled for this or that 5 times, while the grand total of recalls for my wife's Focus is exactly zero.
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