Hyundai Santa Fe Brake Lines

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I brought a used 2006 Sante Fe a year ago . The first owners lived in Canada car had only 53,0000 miles on it when purchased. I had to replace the break line on the drivers side a month ago and yesterday we had to replace the passengers break line b/c it burst! I picked up the vehicle and noticed I got two blocks away before the car wouldn't move . I called the place where I just got it from and they towed it back to the shop. Today I get a call stating that I now have a caliber that needs to be replaced and they are charging me another 180$!!! My questions are can this happen? I also read that there was a recall on this vehicle for coil erosion . Since this car was purchased in Fl but original owners where from another country does this recall apply to me ? Please advise


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    That's a pain. Your Santa Fe is probably feeling the affects of road salt, at least in regard to the brake lines..

    Recalls go by VIN. The dealer should be able to check it for you. Or try this link"

    Recalls Look-up by VIN (
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