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Dodge Paint peeling problem

msknjamsknja Posts: 1
edited April 2014 in Dodge
I am starting to find out that many people are having trouble with the paint on their Dodge cars and trucks. The paint begins to bubble up in small spots and then spreads like rust leaving nothing but primer. My Dodge RAM started this last fall and continues to spread. Dodge refuses to pay for the repair. I hesitate to just spray over the areas because then the car will look like heck as I spray each new area. Is anyone else having similar problems with any Dodge vehicle?


  • gonzo0903gonzo0903 Posts: 7
    There are many variables that have to be considered when dealing with a paint problem, such as the environment that the vehicle is in (urban, rural, suburbia,) climate, whether it is garaged or not and the frequency of washing and waxing. Most of the cars that I have seen with paint problems have never had the finish cared for properly (washed when it rains, taken to the local "charity" car wash, washed with dish detergent on a regular basis) or the person uses the cheapest "off the shelf wax" that they can find.

    I can't understand why someone would pay tens of thousands of $$$ on a new vehicle, then use a $3 bottle/can of wax on it once a year and consider it protected!
  • mrdetailermrdetailer Posts: 1,118
    This may be an issue that is covered by lemonaid. I would recommending checking In the past manufacturers have had to pay something for the cars. It has happenned on 2 of mine, you have 2 choices, patch it, or take it into a dealer, have them sand off the clearcoat and repaint the entire vehicle. It happenned to my 1988 Dodge 3 years ago. Repainting took care of it. I had a fender bashing incident that allowed me to just pay another $400.00 in addition to the repaid for the whole car so I did that.

    In the late 80's and early 90's it was caused by EPA forcing a change in clear coat formulations. That shouldn't be your case however.
  • So newer cars clear coat finish shouldn't go bad when it's about 7 years old,
    like mine did? My 1989 LeBaron clear coat turned white and flaked off starting in '96. I noticed many American cars notably Fords and Chryslers doing this at about 7 years age.

    If I bought a new car and the paint peeled off like 4 year old lapis blue neons do and Chrysler refused to repaint it, I would put signs on my car windows telling everyone the story!
  • dweezildweezil Posts: 271
    companies start giving life-of-the-car paint warranties? Yes the water-based paints peeled in the 80's because of EPA regulations [and look out house paint;it's gonna be just as bad when THOSE regs. kick in], but the problem was resolved. Face it, paint just doesn't last as long as it did because of the formulas used today. And people still take care of their paint like they did the "no wax" acrylics and enamels.Not a good thing with clear coats.
    It's still unrealistic to expect a manufacturer to repaint your car after 8-10 years. They have no control over someone's care or lack of it, weather conditions etc. whether it was garaged or not. They're still cars and they all wear out at different rates. Doesn't make one a "lemon" because the paint peels after 10 years.
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