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How reliable is the BMW 428i?

mark_gtmark_gt Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in BMW
My family keeps telling me BMWs are very unreliable (because back in the 90s when my folks were in Germany they heard a lot of horror stories about BMWs breaking down)

My coworkers on the other hand swear by BMW and tell me its the best thing since sliced bread.

I've read the JD Power rating but I'm sort of skeptical about it because its based on the first 90 days.

So I was wondering if I could get some info from actual BMW owners as to whether these are reliable cars? Also, I've heard BMW uses a lot of plastic in their engines which tends to lead to engine failure, is that true?


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    andys120andys120 Member Posts: 23,423
    I own two Bimmers,both are more than a decade old. My '00 528iA has over 158K miles. I've had it for over 11 years. There have been some issues but it has only stranded me once (due to a broven serpentine belt). My '01 335 Ci Cabrio has over 92,000 miles and performed flawlessly this summer on a 4600 mile tour of the Mountain West.

    I consider BMW motors bullet proof. Neither of mine burn any oil between changes and I don't baby them. I run to redline several times a week.

    IMO BMWs are as reliable anything in the long run and are quite reasonable to maintain if you can find an independent specialist.

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

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