Plymouth Voyager airconditioning probs

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edited April 2014 in Plymouth
Our Voyager Expresso has dual zone (front/rear) airconditioning. The rear works fine, but the front, when turned on, works, and then dies back to almost ambient temp within about 20-30 seconds.

It's a 97, 3.8L, that JUST went out of warranty.

A couple of questions...the Chilton doesn't even SHOW the a/c system, claiming EPA and other stupid regs and that only qualified techs should monkey with it. I can only presume this system, despite having two zones, has only a single compressor, right? Would there be two paths for the refrigerant, one to a rear core unit and one to a front? Or would there be a single large core up front in the dash, with just two paths for the chilled air to follow?

Either way, I'm figuring this problem has to do with a vacuum line, the air switching network, or some plenum function. Advice?



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