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Has anyone heard of the ABS light coming on when you turn on your hazard lights? The ABS light comes on and stays lit, not flashing, until you shut off the car and restart it.


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    Well - I have another problem with my 96 skylark - my front brakes started sounding horrible about a month ago - I take it to the shop and they looked at it and said that i need new bushings. Supposed to get those tomorow - but i have been driving it - and the noise is still there. BUT - the other day my Check Engine Light came on and will not go off. And then last night the ABS light comes on.... and then the BRAKE light came on. Well - I drove it for about 2 minutes after that - was headed to McDonalds - when I came out - I had a dead battery and needed a jump start. I get it - drive around a little to charge the battery - and then drive home. This morning: Dead Battery. Get a jump to drive to work - ABS light comes on - with "CHECK ENGINE" - the book is useless when it comes to this. So - my battery keeps dieing - it is about a year old. WHAT IS GOING ON? Can the problem with the bushings be causing the power system problems - or are they separate? Now I need a jump every time I shut the engine off. ANyone have any idea?

    Oh -this morning I take it to the shop that will replace the bushings tomorrow - did not shut the car off when i got out - and I asked them what the deal is, their response: we don't work with electrical problems. ARRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!
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    Seems like you have a bad connection from your battery there. That would also explain the flat battery. Whenever you get weird electrical symptoms check all your battery connections, ground connections and, cables. The ABS warning light will activate with a low voltage to its computer.

    I don't believe the bushing problems are related to electrical problems,
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    Did you check the alternator? It may not be working and thus the reason why your check engine light came on and your battery won't charge.
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