Solara Brake/Rotor problems?

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I have a two week old Toyota Solara SE and I've just noticed a grinding/vibrating feeling in the brake pedal as well as a vibration in the steering wheel when braking at moderate speeds.

How can this problem exist in a 2 week old car with only 1200 miles on it? What could be the cause of this problem? It certainly can't be excessive wear. Is there a such thing as factory defective rotors or could the problem be rust on the rotor from sitting on the dealer lot for a period of time such as one tech suggested. I have an appointment on Friday (something I
didn't think I have to do for some time!).

Any advice or suggestions - I'd be grateful.



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    for WARPED rotors (if used hard during a roadtest). How many of the 1200 miles are yours?
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    Gasguzz: .all of the 1200 miles are mine. I put the first 4 miles on my car during my test drive, they actually had to remove all the plastic from the windshield and rest of the car for
    me to take it out. I'm kinda concerned about a problem showing up so quickly especially when
    I know how it's been driven for it's first 1200 miles. Do you think this is a serious default with the car or maybe just a defective rotor or something? I'm have an appointment with a Toyota Dealer (not the one where it was purchased) on this Friday for a look at the problem.

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    Per your conditions on post #1, I would be looking for warped rotors. Over-torquing the lugnuts may also cause warping. It's under warranty, so it's not a problem. If it's withn specs, they will probably just resurface the rotors (which is fine, or make your salesperson "have it replaced").
    I am not a Solara owner (my mom has a Camry), so I am not that watchful of the Solara/Camry threads. Altogether, I do not think it's chronic (especially on the Solara line).
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