noise on 2000 chevy blazer


  • brucemargobrucemargo Member Posts: 2
    A friend of mine has 2000 chevy blazer and she says that when she gets up to 60mph and beyond she hears a strange noise coming from the rear passenger side.
    it sounds like something hitting against something. kind of like something flapping in the wind. she had some mechanics check it out and they can't find anything. she has no mud flaps. there is nothing external hanging from the s.u.v.
    nobody seems to be able to figure out where the noise is coming from. She says the noise sounds like the s.u.v. is going to fall apart.
    any suggests?

  • dohc32vdohc32v Member Posts: 60
    Check the fender inner liner. It maybe coming loose at speed and flapping against the tire.
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