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Why is Sierra more expensive than Silverado

bowlinbowlin Member Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in GMC
The MSRP for the 99 GMC Sierra C15953 package
which includes the same Automatic Transmission
(M-30) as the Silverado is $358.00 higher than the
CC15953 package from the 99 Chevrolet Silverado.
It seems to me they are identical. Am I missing
something. Thanks


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    stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Many people here (if not all of them) who have expressed a preference prefer the Sierra. That's why its more expensive: supply and demand. Remember that prices have little to do with vehicle cost and a lot to do with consumer willingness to pay.
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    KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    actually, the GMC premium started years back because GMC offered a customer care package that Chevy didn't (the detailed checklist at delivery, the roadside assistance, etc.). The premium is now because GMC is marketing themselves as a more luxurious truck with better interior materials.

    For a truck whose sales figure hasn't changed in 3 years, supply and demand probably isn't an issue - the Sierra has sold around 175K units every model year for the last 3. Chevy has shown a slight increase over that time, while Ford and Dodge have shown larger increases.
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    cookie1cookie1 Member Posts: 68
    GMC Sierra is a clone to Chevrolet Silverado
    in every way except front grille and tailgate.
    In my opinion, if a customer is willing to
    foolishly spend $300-$400 dollars more on an
    identical truck just because the grille or
    tailgate looks different, go ahead! Be foolish!
    Just remember that there is ten times the number
    of Chevrolet dealers out there than GMC when
    it comes to fixing or trading in your vehicle.
    They have been saying for at least 3 years now
    that GMC is top of the line in all aspects over
    Chevrolet. I say "PROVE IT!" So far, they have
    not proven me wrong. GMC is NOT an upscale version
    of Chevrolet, at least not yet!
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    quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    What we're talking about here is largely a matter of style. For me, I went with the Silverado for the reason that the dealer is better. For example, my friends GMC Yukon goes into the shop, and stays there 2 or 3 days. My S10 Blazer goes in, it's out by 3 p.m.
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    wxfcstrwxfcstr Member Posts: 18
    In the previous model run of the C/K trucks, yes the only things different between the Chevy and GMC's were the tailgate and grill. Not so now. The redesigned trucks have definitely diverged. The hood, front quarter panels and a few other options on the GMC are different from the Chevrolet. That's why the GMC production as put on hold earlier this month because flaws were found in the stamps used to make some of the GMC sheet metal. Chevy production was not stopped because they are using different parts.

    I've got a new GMC on order. I believe one of the reasons the GMC's are little more expensive now is the option package setup. For example: I've got the SLE package ordered (the Chevy LS package equivalent). With the GMC SLE package the 4.8L V8 is included. The Chevy LS package keeps the 4.3L V6 standard and the 4.8L is $500 plus upgrade. Otherwise, the main difference in prices occurs in the base price of the truck with the GMC being slightly more expensive..
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    cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    i believe if you equipped the a GMC and Chevy exacltly the same, they'd be the same price. GMC is just putting together more lucrative packages and setups like wxfcstr said.
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    jxyoungjxyoung Member Posts: 156
    Strange how the tailgate protector on the top of the line GMC is the same 1 that Chevy puts on thier base model??
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    dave40dave40 Member Posts: 582
    I noticed that too .Chevys has theres screwed on. Holes in your tailgate.No thanks
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    trucktrainertrucktrainer Member Posts: 1
    GMC has split cloth seats,tilt wheel,and carpeting as std equipment,Chevy has to upgrade at extra cost for these items
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    gmcnabbgmcnabb Member Posts: 1
    GMCs are generally more expensive nowadays because the marketing people have moved in and they're trying to make GMC an "upscale truck" division - ex. the Envoy (Jimmy) and Yukon Denali. Thus the higher price on the Sierra. I too like the looks better and I think it's worth the extra $400 (but not much more).
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    quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    The allow wheels on the Silverado are prettier to me. I prefer the looks of the Bow-Tie product, but both are nice.
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    ckobashckobash Member Posts: 48
    Geez i must brush up on my math i thought the gmc was cheaper after i added it all up so i ended up ordering a slt plus some options and i thought it was still was cheaper then a similar equipped silverado. I like the look of the sierra better also
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    jxyoungjxyoung Member Posts: 156
    GM has been changing prices on certain options and may have changed it around to where certain options could make 1 cheaper than the other??
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    vortec1vortec1 Member Posts: 3
    production numbers are lower for gmc sierras thus less out there to buy demand exceedes number of trucks sothe price is higher people will pay th3e money for the badge.
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    haulinhaulin Member Posts: 17
    Going after my GMC vs Chevy, same options as close as I can tell. GMC MSRP sticker was $450 higher, Invoice was $50 lower. Go figure.
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    fasteddie1fasteddie1 Member Posts: 20
    I was in the market for a 99 2500 SLE 6.0L Ext. Cab. 8ft bed 4WD trailer pkg, etc... didn't really care if it was a Chevy or GMC...

    Could not find a Chevy ANYWHERE and the dealers would not deal at all here in Phoenix. Had to go to Maine for my mother's funeral and found several 2500 GMCs there. Bought one for $500 over invoice.

    I was tracking Chevy vs. GMC pricing pretty closely and did not notice that much difference. GMC seemed to offer better options packages and that seemed to be the difference (didn't have to pay extra for auto trans for example.)

    For me, not having to wait 15-20 weeks...and paying only $500 over was a larger factor in my GMC vs. Chevy decision than any minor styling or sheet metal differences. My truck even came in white which is better for the sun here in Arizona.

    Maybe when the supply catches up with demand in your city things might be different...but not here in Phoenix...

    I bought it from a dealer in Augusta Maine who claimed to be the 4th largest GMC dealer in the country last year. He also said GMC sold more trucks in Maine than in any other state and that's why he had allocations when no else did...

    When I get it back to Phoenix in early March, I'm going to drive my local GMC dealer here in Phoenix (who claimed three weeks ago he couldn't even get pricing on the 2500s and they weren't building any until middle February...) blow my horn loudly... get out and give him the bird... and then pray like hell I never need warranty work from him...!!!
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    tmd01tmd01 Member Posts: 23
    At the car show here in Houston a gmc rep. told me there are fewer gmc trucks made than Chevrolet. That was the reason for the price difference.
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    quadrunner500quadrunner500 Member Posts: 2,721
    Motor Trend said it was just marketing, that the intent is for GMC to be perceived up-scale, that the actual prices work out very close when equipped similarly.

    My friend's Yukon goes in to GMC for brakes, 3 days later he gets it back. And they want appointments. My S10 Blazer goes in to Chevrolet at 7:00 a.m. any day, gets a clutch, water pump and brakes, and I get a call at 3:00 p.m. to pick it up at 5:00. That was why I chose the Silverado over the Sierra. My brother spoke very highly of a Honda dealership where he lives. The service department is open on Saturdays.
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    mtv1mtv1 Member Posts: 7
    gmc dealer in my area (upstate ny)not cooperative at all. tried all five and got the take it or leave it attitude. all expected 1500 over invoice or more. wound up with a chevy 500over invoice and the dealer was glad to have my buisness! can't understand what's up with gmc.
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    DavyddDavydd Member Posts: 121
    GMC is now officially part of the Pontiac Division of GM. Don't know if that means anything or not.

    My Chevy dealer is also open on Saturdays. Plus, the Service Department is open until midnight on weekdays. Now that's convenience.
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    huntmanhuntman Member Posts: 25
    I just bought on the 26th of Feb a 99 GMC Ext Cab 4x4 SLT Sierra. That truck I ordered on 11/5/98 at the local GMC dealership in town. I bought the GMC because I perferred the exterior styling of the GMC. As far as price I did lots of research. If the options on the trucks are identical, the price is identical. The only difference is that they offer different option packages between the GMC and the Chevrolet. Some models between both can only get certain options. The truck is great. I love the styling. I paid only 500 over invoice. The first tank of gas with the 5.3 made fifteen mpg with the 3.73 rear end. They are both nice trucks and it is just up to personal preference and which dealer you can deal with.
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