R134a A/C conversion for 93 626

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The A/C in my 93 626 just quit (compressor runs but air is not cooled). And it is the last year when R12 refrigerant is used. I saw some cheap conversion kits in the market and is wondering if it would work. This will save me big $ without having to tap into the dwindling supply of R12 refrigerant.

I have heard that the two refrigerant operates in different pressure and the old system may not hold the higher pressure. Also I heard that you need to change the compressor oil to convert to R134a but these conversion kits claims that you don't need to open the A/C system...

Any advice will be appreciated.


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    The system must be discharged and evacuated prior to installing R134a refrigerant, and the oil must be changed when doing a retrofit. The best place to have any A/C questions answered is here:

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    jskho, The first thing to do with the Air condition is to check or have it checked to see why it stopped working. Do not assume that just "converting it" will automatically fix it! Broken compressors, leaky hoses, leaky evaporators, plugged up condensers don't fix themselves! It needs to be diagnosed by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in A/C. It also needs to be serviced by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in A/C, with all the right tools, gauges, electronic leak detectors, recyclers, vacuum pumps, and special tools.

    The most common problem with A/C is leaks, but if you have a leak, where is it? You have to FIX it FIRST!

    Sometimes the compressor gets weak or blows seals or has internal mechanical failure, it has to be tested to be sure it works. Your new R134A refrigerant won't cool anything with weak or worn out components.

    A retrofit will require the system be brought to very good condition, oil changed, new accumulator, new orifice tube or clean expansion valve, and other such things. It might not be as easy and cheap as you might think, to do it right.

    Your best bet is to do like alcan said and go to


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