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Ford and their Customer Service

surferd15surferd15 Posts: 5
edited March 2014 in Ford
I started this topic as I was very upset with Ford and the way they handled my problem. I know there are many more and was hoping everyone would post your complaints. My complaint: My odometer broke on my 94 T-bird. I called the customer service number and spoke to a representative. I asked for a supervisor to contact me. She said it would take 3 business days. The supervisor finally called whe I was at work. I called back to speak with them but they refused. I then asked to put in another request to speak to a supervisor. But they declined that request because I spoke to one already----which I didn't. They then considered my case closed without even helping me.. I then found information about the DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BOARD, which files complaints and has representatives to help the consumer go against FORD. PLease post your complaint as FORD will hear of them. Thank you.


  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    What is your complaint? Odometers "do" occasionally break. Is it under warranty with a warranty company or the Ford ESP Plan????
  • diver5diver5 Posts: 1
    was different. tonight we came home witha flat on the explorer which has the dreaded firestone tires on it. yes, the tire was shredding-we could see the belt inside of it. took it to the dealer and tomorrow all 5 tires will be replaced. btw, they said this was the first defective one they'd seen since starting to replace the tires. lucky for us we were home.
  • surferd15surferd15 Posts: 5
    Nope the warrenty ended at 47,000, had the extended warrety. Good luck with the Kia.
  • mcg4mcg4 Posts: 1
    How many miles were on your tires?
  • dmitcheldmitchel Posts: 7
    On June 6th my car rolled back when I left it running (I *thought* in park)
    while I got out and opened the garage door... as I am unlocking the garage I hear gravel moving and look back to see my car impaling the drivers door on a telephone pole.

    It was late and after I realized that there really was damage - the door would not come close to closing! The outside looked fine - but the inside door panel was tweaked and it was totally out of alignment.

    This is a leased car btw...
    OH MY! It is late at night and I am stunned and heart broken - I LOVE THIS CAR - it does not even have 4000 miles on it!

    Early the next morning I am on the phone to my insurance company... the beginning of my horrors...

    First it took my insurance company from the 7th of June until the 24th to get an appraiser out so the car could be towed to a body shop... the body shop recommended to me by the dealership...

    On the 17th of July I still am without my car...

    So I am on the phone forever with Ford ....

    Asking -
    1. Is it true that a door must be ordered raw and painted at the auto body shop and
    2. Is it reasonable to believe that the door came from the factory without the molding
    3. Is the fact that I have been without a car for 40 days "normal"

    And the answer is - "We are really sorry and yes the door and the molding were ordered separately and the door had to be painted at the body shop and while there is not a "back order" on the molding - there is a delay...

    I went to "visit" my car on Friday... at the body shop... They had said it was ready at last - the molding had finally arrived from Detroit.

    So I walk up to my car and look at the paint match and I am impressed - until I see the dent.

    A NEW DENT - A NEW DOOR! a dent - not a dent in - a dent out - small but THERE! A dent! sheesh - and then I get in the car to test the widow and hear this scraping glass against metal noise...

    So now they say it will be ready Tuesday.


    OH - and the web site for Lincoln Mercury is way broken - try and sign up as an owner and you get the same feeling you get when talking to Customer service.... wasted time and aggrevation abound - but NOTHING WORKS!
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    Many years ago an XK-E got its front end mushed.
    The independent body shop ordered a new "bonnet" from Coventry. The new replacement came in a wood crate, but due to shipping negligence, it was in worse shape than the damaged bonnet. Shipping damage is rather common, but the dealer's body shop is responsible for correcting the hive and smoothing out the door glass. IMO, the dealer should have provided a free rental car. Considering the economy, business men have to try harder than ever & service should improve.
  • wtd44wtd44 Posts: 1,211
    Once many years ago, my wife was refused Mercury warranty service by a "writer" who said his denial was based on mileage. We were less than 500 miles from the dealership where the vehicle was purchased. My wife told him that was not convenient, but that she would use his name when she called the district manager to discuss the matter. He gave in immediately and provided the repair.
  • Notice how Ford doesn't proclaim "Quality is Job 1" on their ads anymore. I'm not sure it's even on their corporate resume.

    Customer service at Ford, particularly their dealerships, is related to how old your car is and how likely you are to buy a new one. If your car is past the warranty period, forget it. If your car is ten years old, you'll be lucky you don't get an upwardly raised middle finger, in my experience.

    The websites are clunky, impossible to use with anything but the latest version of Internet Explorer (and then, you'll be lucky to get anywhere; if your modem can't respond within about ten seconds, their site won't even recognize you signed in a minute before!).

    E-mail support to the customer service center isn't terrible, but they don't seem to have access to any relevant information. I wrote asking them to tell me if they still had the records at the Detroit plants for the paint mixture used on my 1986 Sand Beige Mercury. They didn't even know where to begin looking. I had to go to the original dealership where the car was purchased, personally delve through the dealership records to find the paint code, then find it in the service manuals (which are now gone because they cleaned out anything over fifteen years old). Only then did I realize that there's not a single body shop in the area that would do more than spray on the paint if I did manage to get it.

    Best bet is to go to your dealer for service if you're under warranty. If not, forget trying to get anything out of Ford - or any motor company - unless you're willing to threaten, kick, and scream until they give in.
  • rlloyd2rlloyd2 Posts: 4
    I was very upset with ford and the superivser. On the phone all the time.
    and the way they handled my problem I have a 1999 ford F350 truck with 40 000 on it I got it new. from day one had problems with it and (FORD) SERVICE. I WILL GET A GMC TRUCK THIS YEAR NOT A FORD
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