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Recently, I got a small windshield chip from a rock. It's about a half-inch mark. Do I need to fix this to prevent any further cracking? If I want to fix this, any recommendations?


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    If it is more that just a nick or ding and contains small cracks in the glass, get it repaired to prevent needing to replace the windshield.

    Windshield replacement is hard on the metal channel surrounding the windshield. The process of cutting away the seal usually scratches the metal, causing channel rust. Also, recently in the media, it was shown that today's windshields are designed to provide some structural support and improperly replaced ones eliminate this support. So if you have to replace the windshield, you must find a company that will do it right.

    Most insurance companies will pay for the repair. Usually about $50US. There are one-person companies that will travel to your car (either work or home) and repair it on site. Repairs are virtually invisible.

    Do this as soon as you can, as I believe that if the ding and any crack can be covered up by a half-dollar, it can be repaired.

    Good luck.
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    It can be fixed quickly if done when small. It is much harder when larger. The cracks can be fixed up to 8 inches depending on the method. It does a good job, but you will still see a shadow of a crack.
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    For $50. Usually a good job but some chips do nto do as well, cracks look great chips not as good. If all else fails what until Halloween and take a hammer to it and claim vandalism and have ins repalce it! Depends on deductible of course.
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    My State Farm insurance paid all of the $50 chip repair, no deductable - they rather do this than pay the $200 or more for a complete windshield when the crack grows.

    It's lasted almost 2 years now. And yes, you can see the crack, but it's not as noticible as before the repair.
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    I have a friend at work who recently had his windshield replaced through state farm.
    Well...he was given the run around, I recommended a shop which does great glass work and ONLY uses OEM materials. Well..state farm said that company was not their network. (The glass company is very well known) And they told him if he decided to go with them, they will only cover the repair upto $300. The cost would of been $450.

    Well..sounds like state farm still has'nt gotten their act together after all these years.
    I would hate to have to claim a fender bender through them!
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    quick repair

    clear fingernail polish to keep water out
    remember water expands as it frezes.
    not a problem this time of year of course
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    The chip is pretty small as I said before. It's more like a scratch with no cracks. Can they repair shops do a good job, or will there be a blemish? Who should I call? How about a company called Safelite?
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